Covid-19 "Long Haulers" - Survivors that suffer long term effects. The medical industry is baffled!
Posted January 13, 2021 from United States
Covid 19 Long Haulers
Covid 19 Long Haulers: PBS photo credit (1/1)

Covid-19 Long Haulers - Post Acute Covid Syndrome.  The patients that have recovered from Covid-19, have negative test results, improve, then deteriorate with symptoms unknown to the medical field. This has been known to last as long as 8 months, post Covid-19.


Extreme, long term fatigue

Extreme shortness of breath while doing minor tasks

Extreme weight loss

Sudden loss of teeth, cracked teeth, without bleeding at all

Sudden, extreme rapid heart beat

Painful migraines

Gastrointestinal problems

Ringing in ears

Brain fog and poor short term memory

Vision loss, double vision, blurred vision

Limb paralysis, heaviness of limbs and limb tremors

Feelings of Pins and needles in hands

Lack of balance

Vascular, Auto-immune, and neurological components are deemed to be inflamed and/or damaged in combination. Covid-19 destroys the normal architecture of the lungs, heart and vascular systems. Most doctors have no data regarding how to treat post Covid-19 symptoms. Covid-19 full blown is intense, acute illness. Post Covid-19 is often followed by intense acute illness. It has the medical industry scrambling for answers. The amount of patients suffering from Long Haul Covid-19 affects is totally unknown.

Survivor Corp was founded in the USA,  because post Covid-19 sufferers needed a support network.  Survivor Corps is one of the largest and fastest growing grassroots movements connecting, supporting, educating, motivating and mobilizing Covid-19 Survivors and to assist the national recovery.

Survivor Corps

There are more questions than answers. Many tests are done, but show up negative and normal. If you are a woman of color with the symptoms of post Covid-19 it is common that doctors diagnose these women as having mental health issues. If you are a caucasian woman, they will do a CT Scan and still cannot diagnose because there is little known about Long Hauler Covid-19 syndrome.

Many patients rely on over the counter drugs and self medication. Also healthy diets, and mild exercise and meditations have been the answer for some. As the medical field is at a loss. The medical community is in data collection mode to assess and to understand.

COVID-19 'long haulers'.. .

"Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome": COVID "long-haulers" suffering symptoms months after initial diag…

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Joshua Oyedele
Jan 14
Jan 14

Thanks for the enlightenment. JoMarie
Jan 14
Jan 14

Thanks for stopping by Joshua. Please pass on the information to anyone that you know can benefit from it.

Joshua Oyedele
Jan 14
Jan 14

I sure will.

Hello, JoMarie,

Thank you for this information. Wow, the medical field has a lot of problems to solve. Aside from the mutating coronavirus, there is post-COVID symptoms to worry about. I hope all of these will end. Is it getting worse?
Jan 15
Jan 15

Pass this to the people you know can use it. Take a moment and explore the links. Thanks for the visit Karen!

You're welcome, dear. :)

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 15
Jan 15

Dear JoMarie,
This is such important and horrifying information. This disease is terrifying enough, but with blatant racism mixed in, "If you are a woman of color with the symptoms of post Covid-19 it is common that doctors diagnose these women as having mental health issues. If you are a caucasian woman, they will do a CT Scan". It is important that we know, can watch for it happening and demand change.
Jan 15
Jan 15

Hi Tam,
It's always a real pleasure to see you. This in the videos above. I was shocked, but not. We are supposed to be getting better, but we have to persevere. Stay tuned, we have an inauguration next week. Violence is promised. And the band plays on...!