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Johns Hopkins University data.
Johns Hopkins University data.: John Hopkins University International dashboard (1/1)

The data below is from Johns Hopkins University. It is information that applies internationally. Please take a moment to refresh your awareness. We, as an international community must remain vigilant and Covid Conscious!  Please visit the links below to look up the data that applies to your country, and neighboring countries. I will be updating this weekly. 

Covid 19 Statistic from Johns Hopkins University..."look up your country's data"...https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

Statistics posted 01/05/2021                                                            >>>                                          Statistics posted 02/12/2021

The following data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University:                                                 The following data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University:  

Global cases: More than 86,405,927                                                >>>                                          Global cases: More than 108,015,884

Global deaths: At least 1,868,768                                                    >>>                                           Global deaths: At least 2,374,415

U.S. cases: More than 21,046,195                                                    >>>                                           U.S. cases: More than 27,432,711

U.S. deaths: At least 357,258                                                           >>>                                            U.S. deaths: At least 476,628

Covid 19 cases : The USA still leading in the highest Covid 19 infection cases. India is the second highest. Then Brazil, then the United Kingdom.

Covid 19 deaths: The USA is still leading in the highest Covid 19 deaths. Brazil is second. Then Mexico, then Brazil.


"NEW CASES and DEATHS" the highest in the countries listed below:           

                      02/05/2021                                                                                                                       02/12/2021

UNITED STATES NEW CASES: 119,931,  DEATHS: 4,941                          >                   UNITED STATES NEW CASES: 103,306,  DEATHS: 3,724

BRAZIL  NEW CASES: 56,873,  DEATHS: 1,232                                         >                    BRAZIL  NEW CASES: 54,742  DEATHS: 1,351

FRANCE NEW CASES: 21,076,  DEATHS: 360                                           >                    FRANCE NEW CASES: 21,076,  DEATHS: 360

SPAIN NEW CASES: 29,960,  DEATHS: 432                                              >                    SPAIN NEW CASES: 17,853,  DEATHS: 513

RUSSIA NEW CASES: 16,463,  DEATHS: 508                                           >                     RUSSIA NEW CASES: 14,803,  DEATHS: 542

ITALY NEW CASES: 13,656,  DEATHS: 421                                              >                     ITALY NEW CASES: 15,137,  DEATHS: 391

GERMANY NEW CASES: 13,032,  DEATHS: 858                                      >                    GERMANY NEW CASES: 9,928,  DEATHS: 552

INDIA NEW CASES: 12,408,  DEATHS: 120                                              >                    INDIA NEW CASES: 9,309,  DEATHS: 87

Look up your country using this link...be sure to scroll down!... https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/cumulative-cases


Vaccination efforts are slow and have long way to go: see your country's data...https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/vaccines/international


The Johns Hopkins 30-Minute COVID-19 Briefing: Expert Insights on What You Need to Know Now. This USA and international information.

(Friday February 5, 2021) ...https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/live/events/covid-19-briefing-expert-insights

Socially distant hugs with a mask...JoMarie

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Nini Mappo
Feb 05
Feb 05

Hello JoMarie,
We are mostly Corona-free Down under, and even took off our masks recently. But it's still easy to get complacent and find ourselves back into a hot spot. It is good to be vigilant, I hope this stretch of freedom/normal lasts.
The info-graphics of the world map tell such a tale! It looks like the whole US is going red, although not by numbers, clearly. I hope the figures give people an incentive to adhere to safety measures.

Keep safe, informed, hopeful, and, as usual, looking out for others :)
Sending warm summer hugs and sparkles

Feb 05
Feb 05

Hi Nini!
Australia is the world's poster child of how to behave properly. And the USA is the rebellious child with no manners and training at all. We are the brat that no one wants to invite to the party. Yes the numbers don't lie. But we're being told things are getting a bit better. Probably because we finally have systems being carried out and implemented. Late but it is momentum. Vaccination has a long way to go, while the new strains have entered the stage. But at least the fires, fumes and fogs of hate have disappeared for now. And we are resting after a long term struggle under the veil of apathy. We feel revitalized and relieved because there is leadership and hope.
Please continue to set great examples. The entire world needs it. Most people think it has nothing to do with them. Not now, not yet.
Hugs girl...JoMarie

Hello, JoMarie,

Thank you for this update! I came across an article that due to the slow process of vaccination, the pandemic could be here for around seven years (https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/when-will-life...).

I hope not. Please stay safe always.

Feb 09
Feb 09

Hey Karen,
This is a great article. Thanks for sharing it. The vaccinations are in full swing, but it's still not fast enough. And we have a population that just refuses to have the shots. It's baffling for sure. I do my best to stay safe. We are trying to answer the questions of how to move forward? I will be updating this so we can see if the world is getting better or worse. I was updating my original post, from last year, and the numbers were progressively getting worse. So I created a new post starting from this year. We have to get better.
Thanks for the visit and you stay safe as well.

You're welcome, dear. That's true. Developing countries like the Philippines will have to wait for the vaccines for now. Thank you for being a conversation starter!

Regina Afanwi Young
Feb 09
Feb 09

Hello sis Jomarie, thanks for this valuable information. " We must remain Covid consious! Its far from over"You are absolutely right dear sister. Its such a pity that no body talks about covid in my county again and people are not taking preventive measures seriously. I wish a lot more people can have access to this statistics . Will do my best to pass on the message.
Lots of love and hugs from Cameroon

Feb 09
Feb 09

Hey Regina,
I feel the love from Cameroon. I think one of the best ways to share the message is to wear a mask. It's difficult if everyone else isn't. But that's how our numbers grew so fast. No one wanted to wear it. After that fact, now people still challenge the idea. Humans are funny creatures, even if they have to tools, they don't want to use them. Lol!

Regina Afanwi Young
Feb 09
Feb 09

Thanks sis, great idea on wearing the mask always. Stay blessed.