February is Black History Month in the USA ... I celebrate with Amanda Gorman...Poet Laureate

Posted February 8, 2021 from United States
Amanda Gorman
Amanda Gorman: Ted-Ed Students Talks (1/1)

More Amanda Gorman by popular demand...

February is Black History Month in the USA. I choose to kick off my celebration with a video of

Amanda Gorman...Poet Laureate, Teacher and Public Speaker. 

Amanda has a mantra that gives her the power to speak publicly...

“I am the daughter of black writers who descended from freedom fighters. Who broke their chains and changed the world. They call me.”

And she has two questions for you...

  • Whose shoulders do you stand on?
  • What do you stand for?

Amanda speaks about the power of poetry being a language and reaching back to the people whose shoulders she stands on for her voice. And she explains why poetry is inherently political.

On TED-ED Students Talk,  Amanda Gorman speaks her message of what poetry is...

"Poetry has never been the language of barriers, it's always been the language of bridges."

Using your voice is a political choice | Amanda Gorman (7:19 mins) ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plU-QpcEswo

Please take a cup of your favorite bev, relax and enjoy!


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Hello, JoMarie,

Happy Black History Month to you in the US! I love Amanda Gorman. What a beautiful and talented future US President!

Feb 09
Feb 09

Hey Karen,
I am going to feature Amanda Gorman again. Simply because she is making new herstory. She has overcome her speaking challenges and continues to pull strength out of us. I believe she will be larger than a president. She will run the world with her voice. Unshackled by rules and laws. Free to speak anywhere and everywhere. I predict she will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in the near future. Perhaps the youngest recipient. Glad you love her too. Stay tuned.

Beth Lacey
Feb 11
Feb 11

She is amazing. We need her now

Feb 12
Feb 12

You are so right Beth!