Joseph Wemakor writes:How I eventually got my nickname-'Human Rights'

Joseph Wemakor
Posted September 21, 2020 from Ghana

Joseph Wemakor is my beautiful name and I'm so proud of it.

I’m very passionate about defending, protecting and promoting human rights, religious freedom and above all peace. 

My commitment level towards the above is awesome and my quest for peace is unquenchable. 

Everywhere I go, I preach peace, drink peace, eat peace, smoke peace, bath peace, embrace peace, love peace and live my whole life with and in peace.

Do you know what that really means to me?

Well, it's by no coincidence I happened to have been recognized as a Global Peace Ambassador in unique ways, even recently got selected as a Taskforce Member (National Focal Person) to lead the African Network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development (ANYL4SD), an affiliate of a high repute International Civil Society Organization based in Ghana. 

Sounds so nice! Indeed no mean feat right?  

If you care to know, I’m a staunch human rights activist/ defender without a border, a youth leader/advocate, and SDGs champion, a trained climate change proponent and a social entrepreneur. Interestingly, I equally hold other positions which I'd like to shelve for now.

But due to dint of hard work, tenacity, loyalty and dedication to task; promotion and protection of human rights, I've won an accolade from my colleagues including my lecturers who in their uniqueness decided to label me instead by a novel name simply called: ‘Human Rights’.

Asem oo!, the Ayigbeman will simply put it: “Esese loo" in the Ghanaian local parlance. 

Eeerrh, can you really fathom this?

Anyway, I can see your curiosity to know has been satisfied and I’m really glad you are now discerning.

Thank God my nickname is no longer a secret.

But in case you are still in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask for more. 

Always at your service.

Your friend and humble servant, Joseph Wemakor aka "Human Rights". 


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Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Hi Mr. Human Rights,

Congratulations on your recognition and awards. What you do is so important to the world right now. I encourage you to keep it up and keep sharing. We must continue to raise our voices, because if we don't, who will:)

Best wishes!
E. J.

Joseph Wemakor
Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

I'm humbled madam!.
Lol, I wish you were here at the moment see the sunshine in my eyes right now as I type these few words in response to your sweet comment.!

God richly bless you.! Nice day!.

Nini Mappo
Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Asem oo, Esese loo, ! I loved reading this light and fun story. I am glad to hear that those around you have recognised and honoured your commitment to defend human rights.
Keep holding the banner high, and hopefully other 'human rights' will be influenced by your passion to join in this work.
Kudos once again, and thank you for sharing your sparkly story with us.

Joseph Wemakor
Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Errrh madam Nini, indeed, it just dawned on me that I got blown own away by an amazing sweet breeze which carried your few words of encouragement right deep inside my ears.

In fact I'll be more charged than ever to do the unthinkable as far as human rights defence, protection and promotion is concerned.

Stay blessed. Adieu!

Feb 17
Feb 17

Dear Mr. Human Rights,

I applaud you for your efforts and the rewards that have come out of that.
Ghana and Africa needs young men of your calibre. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.