GHANA: Human Rights Reporters’ Up for 2020 Africans Rising Activism Award; your support needed!

Joseph Wemakor
Posted January 11, 2021 from Ghana

After years of constant activism, advocacy and support towards relieving the plight of many people living in Ghana and beyond, our good work has caught the attention of a ‘good Samaritan’ to nominate us for the 2020 Africans Rising Activism award under the Movement of the Year category.

It was a great surprise to us when we got the notification via email.

We received the good news through the mail on Wednesday January 6, 2020 at exactly 8.00am from the Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity (Africans Rising), the global movement organizing the award who confirmed the naming of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) as one of its finalists among the 10 who emerged victorious as part of the 2020 Africans Rising Activism Award under the Movement of the Year category.

The 2020 Africans Rising Activism Award seeks to recognize both a movement and an individual activist for their hard work for change.

The 2019 edition of the award which is the inaugural witnessed Jean-Marie Kalonji, an activist from the Democratic Republic of Congo adjudged the Africans Rising Activist of the Year.

The winner was said to have demonstrated exceptional leadership in his work as a selfless campaigner for the rights of people on the continent to merit the honor. 

According to the organizers, the selection of the 10 finalists for the Movement of the Year category which the Human Rights Reporters Ghana is proud to be part emanates from the demonstration of sterling leadership in their work as selfless advocates for the rights of people on the continent.

The competition which currently in its final phase would witness the 10 finalists undergo an open public voting online to enable voters cast their ballots for who they believe should be named the 2020 Africans Rising Movement of the Year.

“We thank you for the work that you are already doing to bring positive change to your community, and we are excited to recognize your activism on an international platform as one of the finalists for the 2020 Africans Rising Activism Award. You are an important part of building the #AfricaWeWant!”, the nomination letter from the Africans Rising to the HRRG partly reads.

We have been entreated to rally our community, supporters and allies to vote for us as the 2020 Africans Rising Movement of the Year.

According to the Africans Rising, the finalist with highest votes will be named the 2020 Africans Rising Movement of the Year.

We are currently awaiting the voting link which we’re told might be ready during the course of the week or early next week.

As the Founder cum Executive Director of Human Rights Ghana and a good friend of yours in working to achieve a faster global change, it is my pleasure to formally break this piece of good news to you and humbly appeal for your unanimous support to vote massively for my organization to win this award.

I’ll be in touch with you as soon as the voting link is ready and the green line shown for the voting to commence for your kind support.  

God richly bless you all as you support us in this regard to continue serving humanity for a better world.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) is an initiative of young Ghanaian journalists, editors, lawyers and human right activists who have come together to address human rights violations in Ghana to bring the country closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2019, they launched a nationwide sensitization campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy and Tramadol Abuse as a response to the increasing incidents of kidnappings in Ghana. 

Since the roll out of the program in March 2019, the campaign team has managed to reach over 60,000 beneficiaries particularly school children, parents and youth groups in the communities and religious settings within three regions of Ghana.

The group’s dedication towards its activism roles with regards to protecting and ending rights abuses in Ghana and beyond has received wide  commendation from many individuals, organizations and institutions both within and outside Ghana.

The Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people working to foster solidarity and unity to build the Africa we want.

The organization amplifies broad demands, connecting struggles, building solidarity and cooperation within and among campaigns for social, economic, environmental and gender justice.

This noble dream is being achieved through movements, people, civil society organisations, governments, artists, businesses and others based on shared support for the Kilimanjaro Declaration. 

The Africans Rising currently has a membership of 10,000 individuals and 100 organizations across the continent.





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Nini Mappo
Jan 11
Jan 11

Congratulations Joseph and team! It is wonderful to have your efforts and achievements recognized through this nomination. I will be on the look out for the voting link. Any idea on the voting deadline?

Joseph Wemakor
Jan 12
Jan 12

Not yet, but it'll happen pretty soon.

Joseph Wemakor
Jan 11
Jan 11

Not yet please. I'll be furnishing all of you here as soon as it is out. Hoping it might be early next week.

Thanks for your concern. I await your support when the time is due.

Congratulations, Joseph! Yes, please keep us updated.

Joseph Wemakor
Jan 12
Jan 12

I'll do just that. Thanks.