Who encourage the encourager?

Joshua Oyedele
Posted April 4, 2021 from Nigeria
The encourager
The encourager: Representation of to women, one resting on the other's shoulder. When women support and encourage each other wonderful things happens (1/1)

Good day everyone,

Happy Easter to you, how have you been. I must say I really appreciate every support I get on here. It inspired me a whole lot even when I have been away.

I was in a conversation with an encourager when she asked me who encourage the encourager? Then I began to think dip about it over and Over, When she told me that God is the encourager of the encourager.

It has been a while on here, I have been ridiculously busy with different things, plus I have been posted to serve my country for a year (National youth service corp) is for every fresh higher institution graduate in Nigeria. It has been an amazing one so far. Getting to a new state in the country, a new environment, a new community. I will be getting to work with new set if people, exploring their problem and creating solution.


its nice to be back.


happy Easter to you.




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Apr 05
Apr 05
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Joshua Oyedele
Apr 05
Apr 05

Thanks so much JoMarie, I sure did had a wonderful journey. Yes I am healthy and happy, how about you?

I sure will...

Hugs... Joshua

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Joshua,
Thank you so much for sharing your post. Hope you enjoyed your Easter Holiday. In as much as God is always our encourager we need to show kindness to those who sacrifice to make others smile.
Have a blessed day.

Joshua Oyedele
Apr 06
Apr 06

Very thoughtful and profound. Thanks for stopping by Anita Kiddu