The Starburst Programme begins 18/11/21

Posted October 28, 2021 from United Kingdom
Calling all budding social entrepreneurs.


My name is Jo Ward and I founded Collective Change to help women to achieve empowerment and financial independence through the establishment of their own social enterprise.  The Starburst Programme will support people with ideas that will contribute to the UN Development Goals.

I have 30 years of working within and with social enterprises and I know the positive difference it can make to peoples lives. This is why I set up Collective Change and I will be running a series of Free Virtual Workshops to support women who are considering their options.

I have attached some information about the programme that includes fortnightly 2-hour sessions from 18/11/21 to early February 2022.  If this is of interest to you or anyone you support here is the link to registration form:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions via the World Pulse messaging system

Best wishes

Jo Ward


Collective Change



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Jill Langhus
Oct 28
Oct 28

Hi Jo,

Congrats on your first post and your amazing initiative! You may want to activate the registration link above, so that it's easier for people to join. Is there a cut off date? Also, do you want people to contact you via the World Pulse messaging system!

Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck!

Oct 30
Oct 30

Hello Jo and welcome to World Pulse! This is quite interesting and thank you for sharing.
Very good initiative. Is there a pre-evaluation process? I shall also check the link.
All the best.

Beth Lacey
Nov 01
Nov 01

How generous of you to offer this program. I am certain you will help many people.