Joy Tiku
Posted August 6, 2016 from Nigeria

The crisis that occurred few years ago in Jos, Plateau State was a very shocking and traumatizing story that left Mrs Akpan paralyzed for over a year because she lost her two children (boys) in the course of the incessant killings of male gender by Islamic sect. The crisis was not political but religious, it was between Muslims and Christians, even till date, they are still silent killings. It all started one morning when they were informed that the main market has caught fire and their shop was affected, people died, goods lost & burnt, properties & lives were lost. One week later, her husband travelled to the village, left her and their kids in Jos. They were managing and striving to make a living, when the tragedy struck again. It was on a Friday, when her children came back from school and told her that they saw killings at the University gate and a man escaped with them, but she didn't take it serious. On Saturday evening, she was taking her bath when her son started screaming " Mummy they have killed all our neighbors, come let us run, all their houses are on fire". Before they could escape through the back door, the Islamic sect caught up with them and slaughtered her two sons before her own eyes, she couldn't help herself and didn't know when she collapsed and paralyzed. The Islamic sect were only killing male gender because they think men are powerful generation in the society and women are not useful that's why they spared female genders. The most painful experience she has had in her life is watching her sons slaughtered by people she knows, even when she pleaded with them, their response was unbelievable, the Islamic sect said "Staying with a chicken does not mean they will not kill you". Her two sons are between the ages of 8 & 6yrs respectively. Her children were screaming "mummy, mummy" but she could not save them. They also took the baby on her back but discovered the baby is a female, so they returned her baby back to her. It was that moment she felt strange heat from her head down to her feet, from her waist down to her legs became paralyzed, her heart was palpitating as if it wants to pull out, before she knew it, she was on the ground and couldn't move, she was looking dumbfounded, not knowing or recognizing or differentiating between a human and animal, her ear was blocked, everything died in her. They killed her neighbors four boys and husband. Her parents came and rescued them, took them to the hospital and so many places but could not be treated. The doctors said " it is only a miracle that can happen for her to walk again". It took Mrs Akpan one year and seven months to recover from this tragedy and it was indeed a miracle because she was carried to a crusade in Jos where she received her supernatural healing from God Almighty and God has blessed her with 3 lovely boys.

As a Commonwealth Youth Council Peace Ambassador from Nigeria, I join all the Peace Ambassadors globally to condemn all types of violence. "Incessant killings is a violation of human rights, both gender deserve to live in a safe society and must be protected irrespective of their religious background or where they live. Young people must be fully engaged in peace education and advocacy to foster peaceful coexistence in their communities and globally". We are for Peace!

NoToViolence #NoToExtremism #NoToGenderBasedViolence

Written by: Joy Tiku Enighe


Human Rights Activist/Global Educator

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Soumya Vilekar
Aug 06, 2016
Aug 06, 2016

Dear Joy,

What a sensitive tale and touching incident! Yes violence  is the biggest crime in teh world, be it in any form or any kind or for any reason. It blocks the power of thinking and makes teh person blind.

Hope your efforts bring a new change soon.


Tamarack Verrall
Aug 07, 2016
Aug 07, 2016

Dear Joy,

This is the kind of story that points so directly at the insanity that has taken over so many people's minds, that they would think for a moment that such extreme cruelty, violence, murder could be justified in any way. Thank you for having the strength to report it here. It is so important for us all to know what is being done, and under what excuses. What good news that Mrs. Akpan has managed to heal to some degree from the horrific witnessing of her boys being murdered. How good to know that you are a Commonwealth Youth Council Peace Ambassador working toward global peace. May we all draw close together here within WorldPulse to work toward global peace together.

In sisterhood,


Ritkatmwa Gwan Gwan
Aug 09, 2016
Aug 09, 2016

Hello Joy, This is indeed a very touching story and subject. I admire your humanitarian efforts. I am glad Mrs Akpan is healthy now but she will require psychosocial support to grow past the loss of her boys in such a horrific way.

 I am a Plateau indegene, a christian and I was a journalists working in Jos during most of the crisis (since 2001-2008, I have also often gone back since 2010 to report crisis or repraisal attacks) so my next comment is not meant to discredit what you have done/written. The lines of the format of the crisis are not clearly religious rather than political as you made it to be. From covering the events especially in Jos North LGA (where the University is), the settlers there were always fighting to be politically recognized (and they happened to be muslim). The crisis in 2008 started because a muslim candidate (who was not an indegene) lost the local government election. There were several other issues like the location of the Gbong Gwom's palace which the muslims have threated severally to destroy, so please as much as the crisis was religious, it was also political. I am not disputing that people were killed because of their religious belief (I lost relatives and neighbours too) but because the perpetrators of these acts have sponsors there is also a political side to it that is hidden in religion.

I just thought to make this comment in line with some facts I have. well done again and congratulations on all your achievements.