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About Me

My names are Joyce Chilembwe Masiye, 29years of age, a mother of 5 amazing children 4boys and 1giri. Am married to Mr Andrew Masiye.

I was born and raised in Zambia, I have 2 siblings, one brother and one sister, my brother works for community development while my sister has been battling with schizophrenia since 2010.

Having a big family in Zambia is not easy as most things are expensive Be it health, education, food and many other social amilities.

my husband hasn't been in formal employment for the 8years we have been married meaning I had to work and help out around the house. The hardships have made me see the bright side of things, since I wasn't able to pay school fees for all my five children and I always had to borrow money ,and at the end of the day be indebted to people and banks, I decided to kill two birds with one stone I opened up a school.

My Vision

My vision is to be an owner to Golden Harvest Christian Schools, University, and Library. Also to be a real estate manager.


I need support in opening up a library, setting up a good school, materials and all, words of wisdom and encouragement to reach my goal


I believe in giving back to the community, my school will have a component of helping widows in need with food and basic necessities


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