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Building a community children's library

Joyce Masiye
Posted March 5, 2018 from Zambia
Expired on May 1, 2018

Building a community library is an initiative compagne to encourage the culture of reading and put a book in the hand of our children in my community. we need books, Building materials for one large room 20by 15mtrs.

I believe when we provide a well stocked and appropriately staffed library, we will not only aid in the development of basic reading skill but I still a love of reading in our children.

you can not believe that in my community some children in grade 4-5 can not even identify the letters of the alphabet, I have personally experienced that since the opening up of my school. We get children from baby class up-to grade 4, and really it's like everyone is in baby class when it comes to reading, the reading culture in the Zambian communities really needs to be addressed.

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I all that I Need is a donation of books,  chairs, tables and other things needed for the library 

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