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About Me

I am a twenty two year old girl who has had an interest in telling the truth. Many are the times that people suffer for mistakes that are not their own. I am especially interested in social truths that we have denied for far too long, the closest to my heart being racism. I am also interested in Africa because I have seen first-hand the potential it has especially in producing young female leaders. I have worked with Kwani? Trust in voicing the plight of women in the 2007 post-election violence and the stories were nothing short of sheer heroism and will go down in the books of herstory (I am also a feminist writer).
I have also been asked to work with a team of young girls who play football in One of Kenya's slums, just to serve as a motivating factor.
Women have a lot to say, but I want the world to pay attention! Reading, writing poetry, singing, travelling Editing, Peer counseling and Training, Language (English) and creative writing

My Vision

To have a world where women have a voice... I hope to use my Editing skills to bring out great women personalities and their stories. For me these are the everyday mothers, sisters and daughters.