Resolution of gender violence

Posted December 8, 2021 from Nigeria
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Over the years gender base violence has been a critical issue in Africa and  the world . Judelaz global care  is an organization  situated in Port Harcourt Nigeria born in season to mend the broken walls in Africa and world on gender base violence . Over the last five years we been on top of  situation in Africa precisely Nigeria as regards to gender base violence which resulted to earthtinic crisis in serveral regional . We took bold step by instituting an organization that will educate young people against gender base violence by Name "JUDELAZ GLOBAL CARE" it is on this platform that our success story began because we understood that the first place young  violence person need change is the mind ,once the mind set change , the action dies . We have had  several seminars , meeting , preaching from one location to the other with young people , educating them with the word of  God  and educative professional orientation talks to change their mind from violence to good moral . We had also empowered many youths through enterprenurship skill training and support program in order to engage their idle mind to some thing reasonable so that they can become good citizen of their country and the world who will shun violence to make a better world . Base on our success  story the organization receive accreditation certificate by interternational youth federation (IYF) united kingdom " status with all privileges of Regional and interternational professional recognition in 2020 .just in this 2021 the CEO jude Lazarus was approved as one the  Mandela fellowship application reader for applicant in 2022 fellowship in woshighten DC . USA . In conclusion judelaz global care is Committed to change mind of young people from gender base violence in Africa and the world

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Dec 09, 2021
Dec 09, 2021