Posted October 5, 2021 from Kenya

I wonder why most of Africans believe in education much rather than children talents. When I was a child I used to be a good footballer and at some point I was a team captain. We had this sponsors known as MYSA who came in to sponsor our team, they were looking at the best players and fortunately I was one of them. They had organize a teens exchange program and the best players were traveling to Norway and I was one of them, now here comes the challenge, one was to travel only travel at your parents consent.

My parents believed in formal education ,that is going to primary level, secondary and university therefore they were not encouraging anything  that interferes with education. This was a golden opportunity on my end unfortunately they refused to consent. It was so heartbreaking, stressful and traumatizing at some point I felt like my parents never wanted to support me until I stopped playing football and any other opportunity that came across I always ignore I was replaced in the team the chosen traveled some of them never came back but got greener pasture they joined the football academy, they are doin well till date and this changed there lives and familys,therefore we should all advocate to support our children talent in the community.

The pictures that have uploaded has an image of Sheillah Sheldone who is 12yrs old, she is a good artist, you can see one of her work, she has drawn our kilifi county governor and she is presenting it to him .She has so many beautiful and lovely art work, at this tender age she can do this what of years to come?This is because the parents gave full support to her and this has changed there lives if you have heard of a saying "from grass to grace" that is the blessing they received.

As helping hands in partnership with Rub Spa we have endorse Sheillah as the children brand  ambassador in our organization ,so that she can reach to many children and change lives.

I still insist "support children talents".

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Oct 05
Oct 05

Hi my sister. Absolutely! I support childrens' talents all the way. Our parents (in some cases struggling parents) did not know any other way. They were conservative and traditional in their ways. Judith, you are a talented woman. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Please chase your dreams. Please do. Or do what you love doing and from what I see, you love empowering and uplifting other women and this is so precious! I punished myself and have regrets for not pushing and chasing my dreams. However, at the age of 43, I am waking up to the nagging voice, eventually!

As for Sheillah - Congratulations are in order! Job well done. Such brilliant work! Loving it!

Thank you for sharing. Much love.

Oct 06
Oct 06

Thank you my sister, sometimes I wish can have face to face meeting with you, you are search a darling, thank you so much.

Oct 12
Oct 12

This is amazing dear Judith, I hope many parent will understand this because I see these issues affecting a lot of children. A few times I have had to make some parents understand that not every child is wired for some things as some tend to do better in other fields.
Please continue your great work.
Sheillah has done it beautifully, congrats to her.
Much Love