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About Me

Hello from the Northwest of the United States. This is my homeland and my source place. While I have traveled to other lands and homes in the world, when I return, I also return to the vital work of my local communities here. I have pledged myself to work for Earth as long as my life lasts. It is a privilege.

I express my commitment by sharing the outdoors and all its creatures with others whom I invite to join me. I write poetry, articles and letters to politicians and editors and leaders in my bioregion and beyond. I share my commitment through local engagement, educational presentations and actions for a just, sustainable and connected world of living beings with all gratitude to Earth for giving us life here together.

As I age and adjust my work life, I am learning about and engaging in new opportunites and ways to contribute, to give back, and to make a difference to the future. I welcome connecting to you!


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