Action where you are, right now, with what you have

Judyannet M
Posted March 22, 2016 from Kenya

I am a firm believer of youth-led sustainable development and this is what I strive for every day through my work and through my actions. There is a misconception about how to go about active participation that is at the foundation of youth-led development; people often ask themeselves:

What can I, a single person, do?

What do I have to make a difference?

Where can I make a difference?

What resources do I have?

To answer these questions, here is an article I wrote a while back that has only been published now in a local Newspaper in Kenya.

All you need to make positive change in society is starting where you are, in your local community, at your work place, in your household, with what you have- doesn't have to be money but can also include time, skills, space. The time for change in NOW.

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Lisa Anderson
Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016

Dear Judyannet,

I love this philosophy! Start here, now, with what you have. What a great call to action! Thank you for sharing your article and motivating energy. 

Warm regards,


Judyannet M
Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your kind words.