Women are the key

Posted September 30, 2015 from Papua New Guinea

Right now in my country, we are experiencing different weather patterns in different parts of the country. Severe drought in some parts, flooding in others, frost in the highlands, sea levels rising in the islands.

Imminent health risks, severe shortage of food and water are being faced at the moment. And the most affected are the women and children in rural areas. Whilst waiting for relief supplies, women walk long distances to find and fetch water. They seek other means to put food on the table for their families. Being a mother, women take on these tasks without second thoughts to their well being. They put the welfare of their families first. I believe women are the key to climate change.

There's of actions being taken towards climate change. In some area's in my country, people are planting mangroves and building sea walls to stop sea level rising. Awareness are being carried out on conservation of nature and the environment and sustainable living.

To come up with effective solutions and decisions towards a sustainable future, women should take part in these process because as mothers they understand and have experience nurturing their families. And taking part of our planet is like taking care of family.

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Oct 08, 2015
Oct 08, 2015

Hi Juksmori, I like your last line says"taking part of our planet is like taking care of our family. If all of us will think like this, we can prevent the climate change. We care our family with love, care and passion. We don't want that other people will hurt or harm them.Hope we take care our planet like this. And I hope that the government will take actions about this matter. Especially the people in rural areas. I believe as a mother you can help or contribute on your community about climate change awareness. Taking care of our environment/planet starts from home and community.

Regards, Champagne

Oct 08, 2015
Oct 08, 2015

Hi Juksmori,

I agree with you. Women are selfless and put their family first before their own needs. Also, as you mentioned they walk to far off places just to get water, thereby losing a lot of time for themselves. The UN has also recognised this problem and has suggested that women empowerment (which is not upto par due to gender-inequality) is one of the solutions targeted for climate change projects. Though most climate-change-damage-control can be done by diligently planting trees, the UN has specified financing and technological developments that can be added on for better results. There is more information on this here at this link http://www.un.org/womenwatch/feature/climate_change/downloads/Women_and_...

But, unless the government and non-profit organizations and takes steps to proactively implement these at the grass root levels, it is going to be a grim future. Let's make a decision to atleast plant a sapling today and take care of it like it holds the key to our future.

I wish you the best,


Kristina M
Oct 11, 2015
Oct 11, 2015

Dear Juksmori,

I also agree with you that women are the key for coming up with solutions that balance the conservation of nature and the sustainablity of our communties.  Since they are already on the front lines of this battle, trying to take care of their family, they have probably already thought of solutions and just need a forum to speak up and be heard.  Hopefully at a grass roots level, this can start happening.