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About Me

I am from Toronto, Canada. I have always loved travelling and been interested in what is going on both at home, and around the world. I am very happy to be on World Pulse so I can connect with and learn from other women (and men) around the world. I find I can always relate to others' posts, even if our backgrounds are completely different. This gives me great hope for the future as I firmly believe that our similarities as human beings are always far far greater than our differences. I also always learn something from the posts I read and I love hearing about the amazing and interesting work that women are doing in other countries around the world. I read world news regularly and so feel I usually know what's going on in the world, but it has been great for me to read posts on World Pulse and to get the on the ground local version of what is happening, what is important, where the future is going, etc.
Reading, raspberries, social justice, feminism, education for all. I can be very impatient and sometimes I feel I can be too quick to judge others. I am also an incessant worrier and need to work on fixing that.

My Vision

A world where all people are valued equally and everyone has access to clean water, food, shelter, books, music, employment, and where we all live in peace.