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About Me

My favourite place on this earth is under water. In a bathtub, a river, a pool, the sea, these are places where I can escape chaos and reconnect with my true thoughts and feelings, uninfluenced.I'm lucky enough to live on Canada's west coast where just yesterday I watched a pod of porpoises fishing outside the back door. I have a deep connection with nature and it really irks me that my country who boasts internationally of its natural beauty and resources also has one of the world's highest carbon footprints per capita.

I am passionate about language and communication and hold a BA in French with an English minor. I hope to use my communication skills to dissipate the apathy that hovers around my North American peers and to spur them to action.

When I'm not drinking coffee I practice yoga, dance like a crazy person, laugh like a lunatic (in public preferably) and hug like I really mean it (and I do). I've been caught in a cycle of work and travel for the past few years and hope that soon I can find a way to combine the two.

I am ecstatic to a part of PulseWire and can't wait to read about everyone's struggles and successes as we rethink our world. The ocean, biodiversity, food security, human rights, gender issues, meeting inspirational people, travelling Stepping away from comfort and the mainstream to stand up for my beliefs Languages, literature, networking, laughing, working with youth...

My Vision

A place where humans beings unite to heal ourselves and our planet, making it safe for our children.