Posted May 18, 2020 from India

Hi my frens today I wanna share you something which is very important than any other thing during this pandemic. 

I hope you will definitely love this and will get benefit from some of my points. 

  • Apart from social distancing, please maintain emotional distance i.e, don't let others negative vibes attract you as it will make your energy down all the time instead make sure you are also giving positive vibes to others. 
  • Don't expect anything from others as it might make u hurt if ur expectations don't meet instead accept it and deal it. 
  • Start your day with a beautiful, pure & simplicity. 
  • Give love, happiness, blessings to others and by return take back more happiness, love and blessings. 
  • ​​​Love someone who has done mistake, as they need to charge their battery and you have to help them with your love & care to never repeat their mistake. 
  • Give good wishes to yourself and others to make the things become positive results. 
  • Say thank you to somebody who do your favor either by message, word or in your mind no matter whoever it is ;it might be any driver,grocery seller as he is giving you vegetables for that also u need to thanks. 

​Please apply to your daily routine, it will give you a 100% positive results.

Believe me and message me if u feel happy to my words.

THANK YOU. ​​​​​


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Hello, dear Julia,

What a lovely message! I agree with you that we are responsible for our mental health and we must avoid situations, things, etc. that are not helping us.

How are you coping so far?

By the way, I would like to invite you as a World Pulse Encourager. To know more, kindly click on this link: https://www.worldpulse.com/encourager

Hope you join us! Keep on writing!

Sinyuy Geraldine
May 19
May 19

Hi Julia. You are full of love. I read it on your post. Thank for your beautiful post on emotional distance. I will apply all your points because they are sort if therapy for our health. Thank you so much. Trully, when we expect from others we often get disappointed. Instead, we should learn to give. The fragrance of the rose remains in the hands of the giver. Love you.

Anita Shrestha
May 19
May 19

Thank you for sharing .

May 20
May 20

Thank you for sharing.

Shirin Dalaki
May 24
May 24

Welcome to WP. You and I share the same vision, peace, love and happiness. I love what you posted and I believe in it. Thank you.

Paulina Nayra
Jun 03
Jun 03

I feel happy with your words, Julia. It takes a genuinely positive, loving person to easily express those points. Following them will make us emotionally healthy at all times. Keep writing.

Thelma obani 2020
Jun 07
Jun 07

Thanks for sharing. Love is you, you are love

Laetitia Shindano
Jun 23
Jun 23

Bonjour Julia
Merci de nous partager ce message d'amour en ce temps de covid-19,
Je vais en faire large diffusion.



Really love this and totally concur, these are the right things we need to practise everyday. Big hug to you! Stay safe and well.