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About Me

I am a freelance journalist, writer and editor. I am consultant editor at a media club in London called the Frontline Club.
I am excited to be part of such a thriving online community where I can explore my passions for encouraging women to use their voice and using social media tools to connect with women around the world.
I live in south east London which is a rich and culturally diverse part of the city. Friends I have in London open up different parts of life in the city to me and tell me stories that confront my assumptions and beliefs.
The online world offers me the same opportunity to share with friends with different perspectives whose lives and experiences teach me and open up the world to me in a fresh way.
As a journalist I see that social media challenges some of the assumptions of the media that people are reliant on mainstream media to amplify their voice. With social media there is a potential for women to make their voice heard and I look forward to hearing from you as well as sharing my thoughts and views. Writing, reading, walking, connecting, friends, encouraging others to be who they are, dreaming Holding on to the dreams, remaining focused and believing journalism, writing, editing, events organising

My Vision

A world where women's voices are heard