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About Me

Lawyer by profession, with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's degree in Mathematics with honours. I continued to complete my Bachelors of Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Air Transport Management & Aviation Law with honours.

With an inclination for voluntary services, I am involved in many projects for community. worked with Blind Men’s Association for participating in fund raising programs. Worked actively for a Hunger Project conducting several talks for bringing awareness for millions of poverty stricken people who die unnatural death through scarcity of nutritious food during college days. While continuing a professional career as a lawyer, utilizing her legal expertise for social services by participating in many free legal aid camps for women conducted. currently working in the area of Women empowerment & reform through my NGO.

Keeping in center women, especially the women working in unorganized sectors, my dream is to support them by offering various Skill Development Programmes in rural and urban areas through which their craftsmanship might improve and their economic activities can be strengthened. With perseverance and innovating marketing opportunities, thinking out of the box, provide them with unique platform for the individual betterment and a community as a whole.

Through International Women’s Wing,Vishwa Gujarati samaj by taking help of experts in the related fields and through the kind sponsorship of individual and institutional donors, I have initiated several programs to empower women to its fullest including organizing seminars, workshops and debates at suitable time and place to raise a general awareness on women's issues. Promoting Artisans, eradicating hunger globally to reach out to all women who needs intervention Legal, Aviation Law & Air Transport Management

My Vision

Balanced society