Going Glocal with Silvana Mariel Muñoz | Inspiring Women Ep. 7

Julie Desai
Posted November 24, 2021 from India

Featuring Silvana Mariel Muñoz , a world citizen, with a passion for travel, culture, languages, and diversity since her childhood and with plans on moving from Argentina to Dubai in the future.

Silvana is an agricultural engineer, ontological and executive coach, design thinking consultant, trainer, and facilitator, working for more than 20 years with entrepreneurs, agribusiness men, and women farmers, and family businesses of ALL THE SECTORS by challenging, empowering, and inspiring them to go Beyond Their Worlds. Her coaching inspires them to redesign their futures and expand beyond their limits and present mindset. She created methodologies and resources based on her own redesigning and expansion journey through a coaching and art healing process, because of an unexpected health event in her life. 


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Jill Langhus
Nov 24
Nov 24

Wow! Silvana sounds really interesting. Thanks so much for taking the time to interview all these interesting, and inspiring women.