Dance as a lifestyle with Srilakshmi: Emerging Trends Ep.4

Julie Desai
Posted September 1, 2020 from India

Dance your hearts out with Srilakshmi! She is bubbly , amazing and energetic. You will start dancing if you connect with her!

Srilakshmi Represents Kundu House Project & Paranoid Dance crew :)  She has been Dancing for 5 years Now ! Through Dance she is trying to explore opportunities & building community for other Dancers in Ahmedabad at The same she travels and take part in Battles ! She loves choreographing. The  style that she does is waacking , Hip-hop & House Majorly !

Currently she building an online service for Misbehaving beautifully where dance is accesible to everyone in the world.

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Tamarack Verrall
Sep 02, 2020
Sep 02, 2020

Hi Julie,
What a story of how to quickly change your whole plan from a medium that involves people being physically together, to an online class that is now bringing in people globally. Dance is magic and this makes me want to go online to find Srilakshmi's classes.

Beth Lacey
Sep 09, 2020
Sep 09, 2020

Dancing brings joy