Inspirational Wisdom with Jesal Asher: Emerging Trends Ep. 8

Julie Desai
Posted September 1, 2020 from India

Inspirational wisdom with Jesal Asher. She is smart, dedicated and loves her family. Listen to her amazing journey! 

Jesal Asher is an  Executive Director of Al Ansari Group of Companies. She  moved to Oman 6 years back to join the Al Ansari Group (headquartered in Oman).   It is a family business that her father started 45+ years ago.  Her role in the company has been establishing a clear governance/succession planning structure.  She also focused on diversification/geographical expansion for the company. Since,  she moved to Oman, the group opened offices outside of Oman and also looked at ways to make the organization more nimble/lean.     Prior to moving to Oman - she spent 11 years in New York.  She was the Partner heading up the Enterprise Risk Management practice for KPMG (Americas).  In that role, she was involved in creating the methodology, training, establishing a team and serving many of the Fortune 100 clients in varied sectors - financial, insurance, retail, publishing.

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Jill Langhus
Sep 02
Sep 02

Hi Julie,

Another great story. Jesal sounds super smart and driven, too. It's great to see so many inspiring stories, and future leaders. Thanks so much for conducting, and sharing, these interviews.