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About Me

I was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia int the 80's, one of the many difficult times of brutality in a violent country, but where the people are warm, optimistic and open-hearted. Everyone's reality affects their way of seeing the world. For me, my reality has always be a combination of fear, hope and my place in a “big family."

Before arriving in Portland back in 2009, I was volunteeering in Colombia with 'Fundación para la Vida Mujeres que Crean' the fundation worked hard providing legal and mental support to women victims of the arm conflic in the country. In addition Mujeres que crean worked promoting laws that ensurance gender equality and the respect of reproduction rights. It was great for me to be able to support an organization working so hard to benifit all women. Doing this volunteer work sparked my Social Justice motor and helped me to have a sence of mission.

In Portland I have supported non-profit organizations working to guarantee safe access to services for people of all backgrounds. I had volunteer for a renters' rights advocacy organization, migrant rights organizations, public health and arts non-profits always knowing that the world I want to live in is that one where all the barriers can be taken down.

My Vision

I seek for a world where we can look around ourside our comfor zone, and work together from a place of respect and inclusion to ensure that all basic physical and emotional needs are covered for all. A world where all women can own thier present, body and destiny.


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