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Linking African women entrepreneurs to international social entrepreneurs: Help me get to Skoll World Forum 2015

Posted March 21, 2015
Expired on May 19, 2015
Love that feeling of empowerment!
Juliet (in the middle) training women business leaders strategies, tips and techniques to take their business to the next level. A Women's Enterprise Success Alliance training held in Harare, October 2014.
Social Enterprise Sisterhood Campaign
Social Enterprise Sisterhood Campaign (1/1)

Hi, I'm Juliet, based in Zimbabwe, and I work to empower women to grow their businesses and become financially independent, so they have real choices and real chances to lift themselves out of poverty. I'm also a global ambassador for Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020) and an experienced former consultant for the UN and aid agencies in social and behaviour change. I've spent the past 1.5 years developing and trialling a model to empower women to grow their businesses in Africa, raising awareness among key partners, gaining endorsement and developing the network I need in sub-Saharan Africa to make a real impact relatively quickly. I see that Africa is rising, and I'm determined that women are at the heart of the success story, financially independent and able to make the choices, have the chances and attain the security and impact they desire. The past year has been brilliant, but entirely self-funded, now I need a little support!

I've been linking with a number of leading social entrepreneurs and women business leaders and I need to meet them in person to cement fledgling partnerships and develop joint projects so I can find the team, resources and support we need to take things forward. Some of them will be at the Skoll World Forum for Social Enterprise in April 2015, and I'm seeking funding to attend this. And if I reach the target of $9552 I will also meet with the EBW2020 team in the US in May to cement collaboration with them - we're coordinating with the UN Foundation's Global Entrepreneur's Council, among other iniatives. I've launched a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo - please do share it among your network of contacts, and contribute too if you can. Every bit helps!

The campaign is here:

The Social Enterprise Sisterhood - is the international social enterprise network that I'm founding, with the aim of creating direct links to women entrepreneurs in Africa for mentoring, sharing best practice, information, ideas, resources, contacts etc: (in development)

Women's Enterprise Success Alliance -

My professional bio & TEDx talk:

Empowering a Billion Women by 2020:

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