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About Me

I'm an environmentalist with a keen interest in gender issues and community driven initiatives for sustainable development. Through my work with national and international NGOs in different cultural backgrounds, with the objective of improving livelihoods at and protecting the environment, i have acquired skills and developed the urge to promote equal opportunities for women, men, youths, the less priviledged and vulnerable groups to foster empowerment. Amongst my initiatives is Association Indigo pour le Development Indigenes which i co-founded in Burkina Faso, to empower handicap women with income generation through fabric waste recycling for environmental waste management. Impacting women's life's positively through long lasting changes has always been a passion for me and I hope through my participation on this platform to gain useful resources to reinforce my efforts at sustainable dev't.

My Vision

Sustainably improved lifes for disadvantaged/vulnerable women through attainment of thier full potentials


- Human resources such as skills, trianings, volunteers, networks, partners
- financial resources such as funding for activities, donors


community driven approaches to dev't:participatory rural apriasal, gender analysis, Project management,M&E, GIS, web 2.0 for dev't, ICT


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