Reflections on the Interview

Juliette Maughan
Posted December 13, 2011 from Barbados

Were you nervous before your interview? If so, tell us how you overcame your fears. If not, tell us the source of your confidence.

I was admittedly not very nervous before the interview. I have become accustomed to interviewing persons from all backgrounds and political offices and I had crossed paths with my interviewee once or twice. Prior to the interview, I was not sure whether she would have agreed to be interviewed for the profile and I was initially nervous to ask her. Once I decided that I would need to just ask her, I sent an email with all the links I could and waited for her response. Just when I thought I could not hold my breath any longer, she responded.

What did you do really well during your interview? I was able to bring her back to the topic on the occasions when she got lost in a story.

What do you want to work on improving for next time? I am a rambler. I may have a prepared question but feel the need to engage in a prelude that on reflection goes on and on and on. At another time the question may be direct but did not result in the specific answer I was looking for. I will need work harder on striking a balance.

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