Cooking my passion my pride!

Juvita Akumah
Posted June 8, 2018 from Cameroon
My World Pulse sisters.
When i just joined World Pulse .
When i just joined World Pulse . (1/2)

Growing up as a girl I always loved to sit beside my mother especially in the kitchen. I enjoyed how my mother compiled her natural ingredients and bring out delicious delicacies for us and especially to my father. She always said that” the way to man’s heart was through his stomach”. This word of wisdom was what guided me into enjoying cooking. I loved cooking so much and I learned all my mothers’ dishes. I found inner peace when I cook.

When I got married and had my own family, I did what my mother always advised so I made good food for my family. My husband and children enjoyed my meal and I found pleasure in doing it.

Our family income was not enough to meet up with our expenses and my husband suggested that I should start a petty trade to support him with the expenditures of the house and he gave me some time to think about what I wanted to do .I thought of it and I discovered that the thing I love doing most or find pleasure when doing it was cooking .And I went ahead and told my husband who supported the dear and supported me with some amount of money.

Firstly I look for a public spot where I could sell my food. And I bought some kitchen utensils and flask to use and the following week, I started cooking and selling. From the beginning, I did not have a lot customers as there was a lot of competitors around. Since I sold it just to make money and increase my capital, it was really though. So one day when came back from my business place I was thinking about it and almost gave up but my son walked up to me and asked “where is that mummy who always cook me good and best meals in the world”? I could not answer because I already gave up, so he told me to cook with that same passion, those same ingredients and with confidence in the power of the hands and love. My son’s words at that time brought me comfort and I night I thought of it and so many other options but I loved cooking so I decided to stick to my son’s advice.

I decided to cook small quantity of food with good ingredients and love .At my small restaurant, I decided not to see my challenges but overcoming them .So when people started commanding, they demanded a lot and as they first people left others came in and bought food .At the end of the day I went home with a smiling face because it was better .I continued like that and after a month my dear sisters my petty business started growing. My customers increased and at times food finished when customers are still around.

As time went by, I decided to have a center where women could be thought but I had no finances so I started in my Njanghi place. I brought women with the same passion together and when I did so, we formed a group where I thought them how to cook a balanced meal and caring for the sick and food to give sick people especially when prescribe by the doctor’s.

I thought of different ways of helping women ; I thought them cooking balanced diet and how to live happily with their spouse, when to have sex especially those who did not have children that is how to count their menstrual cycle to know their fertility period .I saw how my passion transformed me and I transformed other women. I learnt that women had 98 fertility days in one year but some women have 5 to 6 days in one year which shows that in some months she is not fertile so I thought them how to know this days and have their own children .They needed to know the type of food to eat in other to achieve it and that was where I came in. I thought them different kinds of delicacies.

 Today, my dream is to continue in what I know best cooking and teaching women how to cook and maintain a balanced diet and build a healthy and happy home and that one day I should be called in an important place to showcase my passion in cooking and show the Cameroon dishes to the world.

I believe that if one is healthy he is happy.



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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 08, 2018

Hello, Juvita,

Welcome to World Pulse!

Congratulations for your successful food business! Feeding healthy food is a great advocacy, and I'm glad you did not stop there; you train other women as well.

You are such a great example on how to utilize your passion into an advocacy.

Continue to update us with your journey, and thank you for inspiring us with your story.

Tarke Edith
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 08, 2018

Hi sister taken cooking as your initiative have impressed me a lot lifi you knowi it is an important aspects in life because without food we can not live, love you sister

Jun 09, 2018
Jun 09, 2018

Hi Juvita. We are glad to have you here...welcome:-) Thanks for sharing your lovely story about what you love doing and following your passion. I love your top photo and lovely, smiling faces. It seems that cooking and providing for people brings you great joy. I wish you much continued success on your journey, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about how you are helping women. Hope you have a great day!

Corine Milano
Jun 12, 2018
Jun 12, 2018

So great to have you on World Pulse and I love your story of starting your business! That photo of you with the World Pulse sign is awesome!

There is a member on World Pulse named Precious Nkeih who is also from Cameroon and who also loves cooking and sharing traditional dishes with the world. You might want to say hi to her and send her a message!

Stephanie Mah
Jun 26, 2018
Jun 26, 2018

Dear sis Juvita, Our traditional dishes is part of our culture and heritage. i wish to come have some lessons from you. Thanks for sharing.

Bettina Amendi
Jan 13
Jan 13

Well done Juvita,Cooking is an art and source of livelihood.You took the right path.I celebrate with you.
2019 is having goodness for you.

Beth Lacey
Feb 19
Feb 19

What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

Feb 20
Feb 20

Juvita i thought you were going to teach us how to cook Cameroonian food but along the way you deviated to supporting other women through cooking coaching. thank you for this wonderful initiative and drive. It is really good to have balanced diets for healthy living and happy family lives. please do not give up this passion of impacting other women. continue to encourage them. encourage them also to pay a paltry sum to sustain the initiative. its worth doing. thank you very much i have learnt that you can use different ways to mobilise women positively

Kaity Van Riper
Mar 14
Mar 14

I love this. Food somehow transcends borders and cultural divides and brings people together! Awesome work.

Thanks for sharing..