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About Me

I consider myself a gender and women's rights activist. The issue that disturbs my peace is the one of violence against women and children in Africa, particularly violence against women refugees, and its impact on their social and pyschological health.
I have been studying, working, and researching these issues in the past 25 years. I have also written and published articles in books and journals.

My greatest challenge is that I am based in the north and therefore quite isolated from the place where the issue of violence against women, in some countries, has attained near epidemic proportions.

My hope in joining Pulse is that I can connect and collaborate with other women who are working in theis area and that together we can work out a strategy of how we can begin to eradicate this virus from our society. This is no mean task and it requires immense courage, support and resources, but I believe that with passion and commitment, and support, we change mentalities!

My Vision

I call upon women all over the world to work together to eradicate the virus of violence against women. I am hoping for a "Me-too" movement.


I could provide training. I could speak about this issue since I am a trained and seasoned public speaker, but I could also provide advice.


I have expertise in research, analysis and writing, politics and international relations. I am fluently bilingual in English and French.


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