Make Menstruation a Source of Power for Women With Me

About Your Initiative

I am leading the reframing of the menstrual cycle as a source of pride and power for women in Rwanda.
My project will provide safe spaces for young women to learn about their menstrual cycles, share their challenges and experiences, and plan together what they can do to turn their periods into something that can exist without shame. They will also learn how to make their own eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads and panties.
The menstrual cycle directly impacts half the world's people and ongoing menstrual cycle lasts, on average, 40 years; and yet there are sociocultural dimensions of menstruation, namely the damaging effects of the assumption that menstruation is disgusting and a source of shame! so the way we address it matters.
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Who is being impacted by my initiative?

I am expecting to directly impact 8000 girls in five provinces of Rwanda during the two years of the project.

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