Kamd07 Angela Martha
Posted January 8, 2022 from Angola
This is the time for Women
This is the time for Women (1/1)

HAPPY 2022

We - WOMEN, we are called to humanu«ized the world. Why now?

It is time for us to be part of solutions and no longer just part of problems. If we are the majority, and most of problems that the world is living affect more womens, then it is time for us to take part on decisions taken in regards our matters. Our social and economic empowerment must be meaningful in all of this. It is no longer time for our complaints, but yes it is time to act and make valuable our actions. If each one of us, is able to do something within the limitations that circunstances impose to us, we are yes able to overcome our challenges and turn our weakness into our advantages. Does it has a meaning for you? If so, et us stand up and act. Thanks for beleiving on the strong women you have inside of you.

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Jan 09
Jan 09

We - Women
Madam Angela,
Congrats!!! Madam True we Women World wide we are the solution, I mean our Community, the voiceless Women are most affected As you say, economic Empowerment is the solution. It is time to act and make lasting solutions.
Please this year 2022 advise me on how to stand up and act for my Community.
GOD bless you.

Regina Afanwi Young
Jan 09
Jan 09

Hello dear Angela, knight welcome to World Pulse. Congratulations on your first story. You are right the time to take action is now! Congratulations to all women out who are already taking action . To all women .'You dre enough and doing enough ' keep roaring dear sisters.

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 09
Jan 09

Dear Angela,
Welcome to World Pulse! I love your call to action. Yes, we are here to create change, making sure that all are included. We are finding each other and moving forward together. May our voices become so strong that we break open the barriers together and yes, trust what we have to offer, strong women that we are. yes, this is our time.

Jan 09
Jan 09

Happy 2022 Angela,

Your point is timely and well-taken. Yes, it is time for women to change the world. With so many women leaders in all kinds of sectors, women are beginning to be recognized as a force to reckon with.

Thanks for sharing.

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Jan 11
Jan 11

Greetings Angela, Happy blessed 2022!
What a way to bring the new cheers of humanity in concerning Women. Women raise nations and societies from the beginning of time. We create and uphold change and bring solutions to a ever troubled world. Let's hold hands in solidarity and unite.
Thank you for writing and sharing, our time is now!
Mama Queen

Beth Lacey
Jan 11
Jan 11

Welcome. I think you will find many, many activist women in the Community who agree with you.

Grace Iliya
Jan 12
Jan 12

Hello Angela,
Welcome to World Pulse. Congratulations on your first story. We should " humanize" the world. "...we are yes able to overcome our challenges and turn our weakness into our advantages". With our voices raised, together we can achieve much more than we can imagine as women. Let's keep the fire burning.

Much Love