A Space in This World

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted January 9, 2019 from Philippines

Every human has a right to be in this world. Each of us deserves a space to stay. Or should be given a space to be here.

Violence begins when one person, city, or nation wants to claim power by gaining control over another group of people, cities or nations. I should know, I live in the Philippines.

To envision a world without violence, we must first see why there's violence in this world. 

In my small and humble country, there are different forms of violence. 

At home, it is child abuse or domestic abuse or even emotional abuse. 

At school, it is bullying, probably because a student is poorer or weaker or darker or smaller or whatever. 

At church, there is spiritual abuse or lording over members/devotees' choices. 

In society as a whole, land conflicts, drug war, bombings, political rivalries lead to bloodshed. There are too many forms of conflicts, and too many people calling out for peace and justice. Somehow, it became a norm that majority of my countrymen would rather choose to spend their time on beauty pageants and entertainment. This perhaps is their mode of survival. 

Violence begins from taking the spaces of other people for self-promotion, gaining power and securing control. It comes from discontentment, greed and fear of losing significance or dominance. So the more one steals spaces of other people, the more he/she feels powerful. Rape, for instance, is an invasion of a woman's private space.

We live in this broken world and we all become broken people. We reap the consequences of the decisions of generations before us. To aspire to live in a world without violence, we must first be healers.

But how can we heal the external surroundings when we need healing ourselves? 

This is where we start: heal our personal wounds. To go through each pain and reflect why we do what we do. As we heal, we facilitate healing to others. With healing, we give back or restore the spaces stolen from another person, city or nation which rightfully belong to them.

A world without violence is a healed world where everyone acknowledges that each one--each race, each culture, each country, each gender identity, each physical ability, each minority-- has a RIGHT to be here. 

A world without violence is a greed-free world where we all respect each human being's equidistant space of being here. There is no greater or lesser than. There is no outcast. There is acceptance of diversity and differences. Everyone is living in harmony as each one uses his/her individual gifts to serve one another. 

There will be joy and creativity. 

There will be love and dignity.

There will be peace and solidarity.

This story was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 09
Jan 09

Hi Karen,

Bravo! Another well, thought out, personal and introspective story... love it!! I totally love the paragraph about starting with healing personal wounds and healing others by healing ourselves first. I think this is so true. The more we become our own, true authentic healed selves the more we heal others and ultimately the world around us.!

Hope you're doing well, and good luck with your story submission!

Thank you, Jill. I know you can also write a post about peace, love and healing. I believe in you.

Yes, it is embracing our authentic selves that we can facilitate healing on others. We are healed; thus, we are free.

Oh. I have no intention to win. This is for solidarity and participation. :)

Jill Langhus
Feb 07
Feb 07

You're welcome:-) Thanks, dear, for the support and encouragement. You're so sweet and awesome.

Hmm. I never thought of it in that way. Interesting. I suppose that's true now that I'm thinking about it. Thanks for that insight.

Ha. Good for you, dear, pure heart:-)

Hope you have a great day!

Mauwa Brigitte
Jan 15
Jan 15

To live better in space, we must first be healers and do better than those who have gone before us. We must unite in all the processes of peace.

Hello, sister.

I agree. Thank you.

Ngala Nadege
Jan 18
Jan 18

Hey dear
Thank you for sharing your own world free of violence. Its fantastic. Good luck with your submission

Thank you, Sister.

Bim Adegbite
Jan 31
Jan 31

Thanks for sharing. May we all be the vessels of harmony , peace and love

Thank you, sister. :)

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Thanks for these words of healing and encouragement atleast there is hope and the inner fight for a peaceful and violent -conflict free society begins with each one of us. It is an inside job. Thanks again for sharing

Hello, sister Jacqueline, I'm so sorry for this late reply. Yes, I believe there is hope for us. You're welcome. How are you? Hope you are doing well today.