Women Weaved By World Pulse

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted March 11, 2019 from Philippines
Stella, Ate Pauline and I
Stella, Ate Pauline and I (1/8)

On March 8, 2019, we celebrated International Women’s Day with a theme, “Conversations on Women And Change”. 

Paulina Lawsin-Nayra or Ate Pauline, World Pulse Ambassador and President of WEAVERS (Women Enablers Advocates and Volunteers for Empowering and Responsive Solutions), spearheaded this forum in partnership with the University of the Philippines - Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (UP-OASH); Environmental Management Bureau - Gender and Development Focal Point System (EMB - GAD FPS); and World Pulse.

The venue of the event took place at one of the conference rooms of the University of the Philippines Tacloban.

Stella Paul, World Pulse Global Lead Trainer and a multi-awarded journalist, flew all the way from Metro Manila to Tacloban City to commemorate Women’s Day here. She and Ate Pauline have been friends since they met on World Pulse on 2011. Both of them became participants of World Pulse’s Training Program, Voices of the Future 2012.

The moment the three of us met, the halls of the venue was filled with joy as we embraced each other! The jubilation stirred the curiosity of the participants on what World Pulse is all about.

Crisanta Mihangos of  Institute on Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) hosted the program. She began by saying, “Every successful woman aspires to lift up other woman”.

Maribel Munsayac, the Focal Person of EMB-GAD FPS, welcomed everyone. She shared about the relationship of women and the environment, particularly in the context of climate change; and how women are prone to violence when they are displaced by disasters and when they secure food and fire for their families.

Ate Pauline gave the overview of what Conversations on Women and Change is all about. She said this forum was a gathering of women leaders. She also gave a brief history of women’s movement worldwide and how it began in the Philippines. 

 She shared that laws such as Republic Act 9262 or the Violence Against Women and Children (VWAC) Act are passed because women likes to share their problems with one another. Through telling their stories, women can discuss their problems that eventually lead to submitting these concerns into policies. 

 Ate Pauline also facilitated an activity where we group ourselves with participants we haven’t met before to discuss the following:

 1. What is my best qualities as a leader?

2. What are my challenges as a leader?

 Ate Pauline then randomly called women to share what they learned the interactions from their group. From there, a list of qualities were enumerated. Among those were being understanding, empathetic, patient, decisive and so on.

 Stella Paul shared her story on how sad her family was when she was born a girl. She paid tribute to her mother who went through all kinds of trouble just to keep her alive. Without her mother’s love for her, Stella would not be lucky to be alive today due to an illness she caught as a toddler. She also shared how she found her calling to be a journalist, to go through the hardest reached areas so she can document women stories and write them for the world. 

 Stella then shared what World Pulse is and why it is her second family. She urged everyone to write their stories and reminded each of us that no story is trivial or insignificant. 

 She also talked about women’s participation on environmental protect and climate change action. She named three impact stories where women organisations from India, Africa and Myanmar provided solutions for the threat on climate change.

 Zonia Camarillo of the Philippine Statistics Authority presented a wealth load of data on the situation of women and men on Eastern Visayas. 

 During the afternoon session, I was privileged to impart how my World Pulse journey began with one storm story. I took the opportunity to honor the resilience of the women Super Typhoon Haiyan survivors. I invited them to write their experiences during the wrath of the world’s strongest typhoon. 

 Stella gave away World Pulse brochures. We also showed the participants the World Pulse film (just in time we found out how to connect to the University wifi). 

 Stella suggested that we World Pulse sisters give away three World Pulse t-shirts as a reward to those who’ve worked overtime to make the event a success and to those who showed interest to #LogOnRiseUp.

 On her closing remarks, Prof. Querima Quinsing from UP OASH considered it a miracle that a venue was available in the University even for a short notice which usually needs to be booked months prior. Awarding of Certificates followed. Then finally, a group picture taking.

 The International Women’s Day celebration was a success!

 Thanks to the leadership and expertise of Ate Pauline on bringing the WEAVERS’ partners together.

 Thanks also to Stella Paul for finding ways to visit us in Tacloban City. “Fortune favors  the bold; fortune favors a brave woman!” (one of the many quotes I heard from her motivational talk).

It was through World Pulse that Stella, Ate Pauline and I met, and together, we’ve invited more sisters to join this global sisterhood. Truly, World Pulse weaves women together.


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Jill Langhus
Mar 11
Mar 11

Hello Dear Karen,

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos and synopsis. What a great success your event was! I'm very impressed. How lovely it must have been to meet not one sister, but now two:-) Are the ladies from the university going to join World Pulse or are they already on here?

Hope you're having a great, rest of the day, dear!

Hello, Jill,

Ate Pauline and Stella took more photos than I did. I too didn’t expect that WEAVERS organized this event in less than two days. Thank you!

Oh, it was such a wonderful feeling. I want to meet you all after that. The personal interaction with physical embrace is priceless!

Yes, some already signed up. A few have began posting already. Let’s wait for them to share their stories. It’ll come. :)

Thanks, Jill. Hope you have a great day, too!

Jill Langhus
Mar 12
Mar 12

Hello dear,

Oh, I want to see more:-) Wow! That's amazing.

Me, too:-)

Great! Sounds like a plan...

You're welcome, dear. You, too!

Angel Lasona
Mar 11
Mar 11

It was so good to see you amazingly bonded like any real sisters do, ate karen, ate paulina and stella.❤ You just opened a new eagerness within us to continue our own advocacies of standing for our right and getting heard through it. Thank you!

Paulina Nayra
Mar 11
Mar 11

Welcome to World Pulse Angel! Thanks for attending our IWD event.

Dear Angel,

I am happy that we met in the Women’s forum, and I’m delighted you are now our World Pulse sister! Yay!

Can you write something about our event, too? Like how you introduced yourself, the statement you uttered that caught Stella’s attention, and what made you sign up on World Pulse.

I love you already, dear Angel!
Welcome to World Pulse!

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 11
Mar 11

Wow Karen I was smiling so big the whole time I read this post because it makes me so happy that you three pulled this off and connected with one another!! The world is a better place because of these connections and I can’t wait to see the amazing things that you accomplish down the road — and that all the women you inspired to join world pulse accomplish because of this too!

Hello, Dawn,

It’s you and the rest of the World Pulse sisters who help and support me in this journey. So the success of this event can be attributed to you who always cheer us on. You were there with us in spirit of course!

Yes, it was a celebration to meet Stella and Ate Pauline that the partipants want to be part of this sisterhood. Yay! We are growing!

There are so many stories from the Philippines that are worth telling. I told them I can never their stories so they need to #LogOnRiseUp on World Pulse!

Thank you for everything, Dawn!

Paulina Nayra
Mar 11
Mar 11

Hi Karen... you are making my work easier by writing about the event. With your permission, I will include this "coverage" of yours part of my report. Yours and Stella's presence made the World Pulse sisterhood felt by many. Everyone was happy of the event. Quim and Maribel are my fellow WEAVERS. Sisterhood makes meaningful things happen. We're cooking up another event to close the National Women's Month celebration. It;s about "making women's agenda an electoral agenda". Will you be there, too?
Tight huggs.
Ate Pauline

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 11
Mar 11

Congratulations Paulina!! Do you have an estimate of how many people attended your event? So happy for you for pulling off such a successful event!

Hello, Dawn,

I overheard from the secretariat that there were around seventy people who attended based in the attendance sheet. Ate Pauline needs to confirm this, though.

Hello, Ate Pauline,

Sure. Please freely revise if you must. It’s an honor really. I was originally thinking to make it as processed documentation but that would be a little challenging typing from my phone.Haha.

I’m so honored to meet the active members of WEAVERS. It saddens me really that I’ll be leaving Tacloban. Thank you for the opportunity to share my World Pulse story to the participants. I’m so happy of their reception.

On the event, I am only available on weekends, Ate. We’re in a transition of moving to Cebu this April already. Please let me know what date it is and I’ll see if I can join. I hope so. Haha!

Congratulations to you and the WEAVERS team for the job well done po! Congratulations to us World Pulse sisters, too!

J Brenda Lanyero
Mar 11
Mar 11

Hello K,
This is amazing. Good job.

Thank you, JB! Happy International Women’s Day to you. It’s not a late greetinf because everyday is Women’s Day on World Pulse. Hope all is well with you! :)

J Brenda Lanyero
Mar 12
Mar 12

Yeah. It is not late because everyday is women's day. Much love.

Smitha Bhandare Kamat


Thank you, Smitha!

Sinyuy Geraldine
Mar 12
Mar 12


Thank you, sis Geraldine!:)

Mar 22
Mar 22

Ate Pauline,
We expected to hear you as you promised. And thank you for your fidelity to your word and it is the characteristic of a leader. It's very interesting as an article. Does this WP training program no longer exist?
Let me tell you that we admire you.
Ate Seka

Hello, Sister Seka,

Thank you for your kind words. May I know what World Pulse program you are asking about?

One of the roles of World Pulse Ambassadors is to introduce this online global network to activities in our community. This program is ongoing if that’s what you were inquiring about.

Mar 25
Mar 25

Hello Karen,
Above in the post, you talked about a WP training program, voices of the future 2012 in which you participated with Pauline and Stella. I wanted to know if it's not done anymore.
Thanks for all.

Oh, the Voices of the Future. It was only Ate Pauline and Stella who participated on that program. I think the last batch was in 2016. I joined World Pulse on December 2017, so I missed that one. Unfortunately, World Pulse is not offering VOF anymore/yet. From what I know, the team is preparing some trainings soon (probably next year?). Let’s wait and see. :)

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 23
Mar 23

Dear Karen,
What a spectacular event, so much information flowing, so much sharing of experiences, and with the electric power that happens when World Pulse sisters have the chance to meet in person and share information publicly together. It is empowering just to see the photo of your meeting, and also to have such a great and full report. Ate's history of the women's movement led me to look into it more, and there are such similarities between your country and mine: Status of Women opening in the mid '70's, reports of so much more respect for women in pre colonial times. And for your country, laws specifically against violence against women. Thank you for sharing especially the power of World Pulse sisters meeting in person. It is amazing how strong our connections are being able to meet here online!
With love in sisterhood,

Hello, Tam,

I feel honored every time you give a comment. It’s true about “electric power” when World Pulse sisters meet. There will be more meetings in the Philippines as I’ve been contacting Filipina sisters for meet-ups and how we can introduce World Pulse to more women. Hoping for the best.

Oh wow, you researched! It’s true that there were women leaders when we trace our history. Philippines is more matriarchal as a nation.

We have laws that protect women’s rights, but sadly, there are still cases of violence against women. Still appalling. Makes me reflect that if this is happening in an already women-empowered country, how much more to those nations who treat women as second class citizens or possessions?

Thank you for your uplifting words, sister Tam! :)