Even The Smallest Light Shines In Darkness

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted July 5, 2019 from Philippines
(Photo from the internet)

The butterfly is often used as a symbol of transformation. We use its stages of metamorphosis as a motivation to trust our life’s journey. 

When we are in a difficult situation, we metaphorically think that perhaps we are still in a pupa stage struggling inside our cocoon of challenges, but we hope that one day, we will reach our fullest potential as a magnificent butterfly flying around the vast garden of beautiful flowers. 

There were highs in my life that I thought I was already a butterfly, but there were low moments, too. I’d tell myself, “Gee, I’m still in the process of transformation. I’m still inside my cocoon.”   But life is a journey full of different levels of processes and adjustments. While we wait for the time of being a full-grown butterfly, we can consider the firefly.

From the beginning of its life, there is already a light inside of it because of its bioluminescent abdomen. Like an egg, it already glows, and it’s “fire” continue to shine until it has wings to fly.

I believe we are like fireflies. Right from birth, we were destined to shine. 

No matter where we are in our journey, —whether we are still figuring out how to live this life, finding our breakthroughs or already living our dreams—know that there is already a light shining inside us. Dark times make us glow brighter.

It’s very tempting to isolate ourselves during tough times. We hide our light, detach ourselves, and cry in silence. 

Maybe we can learn something from fireflies, in the darkest nights, they continue to glow and they seek to shine with the rest.

Fireflies teach us that even the smallest light can shine in a dark forest, and they don’t fly alone. So when they glow together, it brings joy to the observer.

Each of us has Light inside us. In this dark, cruel world, let us choose to glow, reach out to others, and SHINE together.


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Jill Langhus
Jul 06
Jul 06

Hello dear,

What a lovely, metaphorical story you have written. Thank you for sharing your talent with, beautiful firefly...


Thank you, Jill. I’m amazed at how nature speaks to us. I like to view myself as a firefly, a small light in this world. But together with the rest of the fireflies like you in this world, we can lighten up the darkness and see a better view.

Hope you’re enjoying your vacation, Jill. I appreciate you for showing up consistently. Bravo to you.

Jill Langhus
Jul 07
Jul 07

You're welcome, dear:-)

Yes, it does. A lot of of us, myself included, don't take the time to listen.

Yes, we can, and do:-) You already do that!

Thank you, and you're welcome:-)

True. Let’s listen more to the messages nature relays to us. You’re welcome!

Jill Langhus
Jul 08
Jul 08

Sounds like a plan:-)

Oluwatoyin Olabisi
Jul 08
Jul 08

I am inspired. I was very depressed today but that has changed after reading your write-up.

I’m happy to know that, sister. Hugs to you. I hope you feel better whatever it is you are going through. Keep shining, my fellow firefly!

Thank you for taking time to read and send encouragement. I appreciate it!

Tamarack Verrall
Jul 09
Jul 09

Hello Karen,
What a lovely story. It is so true that nature offers such wonders for us to imagine our lives into. I love that you have chosen the firefly and the fact that " when they glow together, it brings joy to the observer". It is so true that here in World Pulse we are together creating visibly such beauty from our combined shining. Showing what we are all doing here together is one of my favourite actions. It truly does bring joy to those realizing for the first time what a beautiful forest of fireflies they are welcome in.

Hello, dear Tam,

Thank you for your encouraging feedback! The butterfly as a symbol is a great metaphor, but sometimes we miss the rest of the insects that could teach us a lesson or two.

Yes, exactly, each of us World Pulse sister is a tiny light, but when we glow together we are creating an impact.

Thank you for taking time to read and send kind words, Tam. I appreciate it!

narayani khadka
Jul 12
Jul 12

Ibelieve we are like fireflies. Right from birth, we were destined to shine. ⭐️. What an inspiring story Karen, so is the title❤️

Hello, dear Narayani,

Thank you for reading! Yes, we are all destined to shine. We need to remind each other that we have a light inside us. Thank you for your appreciation and kind words. Hope you are having a great day!

Stella Paul
Jul 25
Jul 25

Dear Karen
Having met you and known you, I can really guarantee that if firefly has a human version, it would be you! You are one who smiles when there is tears, encourages everyone even while battling her own monsters. You are awesome in sense and your words are a mine of inspiration. So much love for you! Keep healing and motivating with your words and making this community stronger each day.
Hugs, Stella

Awww, Thank you, dear Stella! What a loving encouragement this is. I treasure you and your words. Thank you for empowering me and the rest of the sisters here.


Aug 09
Aug 09

Your connection to this beautiful world of ours and your talent as a writer shines so brightly. Thank you for sharing this lovely -- and loving -- story with us.

Hello, BonnieP,

Nice to meet you! How are you? Thank you for reading my reflection about fireflies. Thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure to share my reflections.

I look forward to reading your stories here, too.