Log On, Lift Up: A Revolution of Encouragers

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted June 9, 2020 from Philippines
A viral social media meme, credit to the owner
A viral social media meme, credit to the owner (1/1)

I came across a viral social media meme for parenting that says:

What if "Stop Crying" turned to "I'm listening" for an entire generation?

It is a provocative sentence on raising children.

How many of us were not allowed to cry when we were children? 

How many of us developed an autopilot to conceal our emotions?

How many of us apologized simply because we allowed ourselves to cry?

However, we can use this statement for women, too.

How many women were told to "stop crying", " stop complaining", "stop whining" by society, by perpetrators, and even by well-meaning loved ones? 

How many of us hide ourselves and silently wipe our tears because no one cares?

What if these social systems tell us, "I'm listening" instead?

Imagine what kind of world women live today if an entire generation simply listened.

This is why we have World Pulse. This safe online space is here so women feel heard, and it is the encouragers who tell us, "we're listening".

Women who are telling their stories are brave, but so are encouragers. 

It takes a lot of courage, time, and vulnerability for World Pulse sisters to write their stories. By the time they click "Publish", they wait and wonder if their story is worth reading, if their achievement is worth celebrating, or if their struggle is worth hearing. 

When encouragers write a thoughtful comment, it validates the storyteller, " I am seen. I am heard. I am enough. I am valued as a woman."

The storyteller then feels empowered to face life's battles because this time someone cares and she no longer feels alone. She becomes confident in pursuing growth and development, not just for herself, but for her family, community, and country.

This is the impact of encouragers showing up to make women feel heard. I know so because I am also that "she".

Michelle Obama said, "The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued."

When you encourage a woman, she feels valued and her community thrives greatly because of her. 

Today, I want to honor the encouragers in World Pulse, to appreciate you for showing up, and to affirm you that you are making a difference.

To World Pulse encouragers, new and old, active and not-so-active, please receive my heartfelt thank you. Know that you are making an impact to women in the world. 

To every encourager who allots a portion of her precious time to uplift our sisters;

To every encourager who only owns a mobile phone;

To every encourager who has slow and intermittent internet connection;

To every encourager who is still processing their healing caused by personal trauma; 

To every encourager who is facing trials or troubles;

To every encourager who is juggling numerous activities;

To every encourager who is dealing with mental health issues;

To every encourager with physical disabilities and health problems;

To every encourager raising children, especially those with special needs;

To every encourager who is vulnerable to war conflict, disasters, gender-based violence, and coronavirus;

We see you, too.  We feel your presence. We appreciate you.  We are grateful for your courage, compassion, and commitment.

It may seem that leaving kind words is not a big deal, but the truth is you are partakers of this collective healing and transformative journey of women. You are warriors in the battlefield, too, because you are cycle breakers.

I hope every time you log on in World Pulse to encourage our storytellers, even when you're just sitting inside your home, consider that you are in a mission. This mission is to be among the trailblazers in this generation who will turn "stop crying" to "I'm listening" for women. 

Together, arms linked, let us start a Revolution of Encouragers. 

Let us #LogOnRiseUp to #LogOnLiftUp. Our battlecry, "Make Women Feel Heard!"

Let us build an army of encouragers and, together, let us witness how women transform the world!


Join the Encourager Team:https://www.worldpulse.com/world-pulse-leaders/encouragers

Sidenote: I got the idea of Log On, Lift Up from our wonderful World Pulse Director of Community Engagement Dawn Arteaga.

This story was submitted in response to #SheTransformsTech.

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Ruba AlZubi
Jun 09
Jun 09

We need more of you dear. Let's spread the vibes!

Thank you for your kind words, dear Ruba. Yes, let us! This wounded world needs encouragers. :)

Jun 09
Jun 09

Beautiful sentiment Karen! Thank you for sharing this post and for recognizing the courageous WorldPulse women and the encouragers. It's nice to know even a short note can make a difference :)

Thank you, dear Jess. You are welcome. I hope every encourager feels valued, too. Yes, you are making a difference more than you ever know. I appreciate you. Keep up the great work.

Jill Langhus
Jun 10
Jun 10

Hello Beloved Kaye,

What a wonderfully, inspiring encourager post. And, yes, what a beautiful world we would have if everyone listened, and if everyone was encouraged, and praised, for listening:-) Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing talent with us, and encouraging so many of us every day! XX

Hello, Beloved JLo,

Awww. Thank you. I just feel that encouragers need to be encouraged, too. You are among those who make this world beautiful. Keep it up! No one encourages the way you do. :)

Jill Langhus
Jun 12
Jun 12

Hello there:-)

Happy Friday! You're very welcome!

Yes, they do. They're so essential to our precious, and lovely, community.

So, are you, Love:-)

You, too, and that's also true of you!

Hope you have a good one, and that you get more water soon!


Happy Friday, too, JLo. You're simply Jill and we love you. Thanks for everything and "everything" is such a long list to enumerate.

Ahhh. Water. We need water! I hope so, too!

Jill Langhus
Jun 12
Jun 12

Thank you! Aw, thank you:-)

Love you, too, dear!

You're very welcome! You, too!


Beth Lacey
Jun 10
Jun 10

Karen, as always, very wise advice

Awww. Thank you, dear Beth. I appreciate you! :)

Jun 10
Jun 10

Hello Dear Karen.
I am all ears listening and reading from you. Always want to read and learn from you.
Keep winning.

Hello, Chidimma,

Thank you for listening and for encouraging. I'm also learning from you and our sisters' journey. Yes! Let us win together!

Regina Afanwi Young
Jun 10
Jun 10

Wonderful write up Karen dear. Thank you for encouraging us. You make me realise how valuable my role as encourager is and motivate me to do even more. I really thank you all my world pulse sisters for trusting me with this role. Karen you are one of my role models as encourager. Keep up the good work. Stay safe my dear.

Thank you, dear Regina. We need to encourage the encouragers, too! Of course, your role is valuable. People begin to hear the moment they feel heard. You are helping women help every time you show up. That is a huge impact on someone's life, mine included.

Awww. Thank you, dear sister. You encourage well. As I said you are unique, and no one can encourage the way like you do. So keep being you and encourage the way only Regina can! Stay safe, too!

Regina Afanwi Young
Jun 12
Jun 12

Thanks Karen dear.
Big hug!!!

Jun 10
Jun 10

My Lovely Sis,

Beautifully written.
Indeed, it will be an amazing world for women if an entire generation simply listened.

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words to all our sisters especially encouragers on this platform.

You rock dear.

Much love. XX

Thank you, dear sister Adanna,

As encouragers, we already began listening. May our "I'm listening" tribe increase! I hope you feel appreciated and valued for everything you do as an Encourager, Ambassador and more.

You rock, too, dear. Love you!

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Jun 10
Jun 10

My dear Sister Karen, the timing of this post shared here to us is so spot on!
All praise to GOD whom gives strength to women whom encourage humanity. This influence as a encourager has to come from a high place of not only strength but of experience and blessed wisdom. It is a role I personally take very seriously because we engage with women, young girls and people everyday in some shape, form or fashion working in a occupation (org QUEEN SHEBA VILLAGE) that has its rewards and challenges and it's a good repetitious practice for me and I appreciate the mission and the journey of being fulfilled.
May we take this Revolution and Run with it!
~Sister Queen

Hello, Queen Sheba,

Thank you for your uplifting words! Yes, we cannot give what we do not have so we need to have a Source where we draw wisdom on what to say and how to write them.

Cheers to you for being committed on encouraging women and girls, dear Queen. Yes, let us help increase this tribe of encouragers!

Wow. I love your hashtag. You're a genius!

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Jun 12
Jun 12

Sister Karen. I believe we are in this (one) #encouragerevolutionmatters!!! for the long haul. Together we shall succeed, absolutely!


Jun 10
Jun 10

You made me so emotional my dearest Karen. Love and hugs, anjana

How are you, dearest sister? I hope you feel appreciated and valued for the times you've showed love and support to our sisters here.

Please write, too, so we in turn can give you encouragement. We're all in this together. We see you, Anjana. Hugs!

Jun 12
Jun 12

Dear Karen,
Of course yes, this is the place, I really feel comfort and love and I am really grateful for that.
I wish and would love to write more in the coming days, dear Karen.
love and hugs back to you

Jun 10
Jun 10

Dearest Karen,
Thank you for your words on inspirations and to recognize every single effort of all encouragers .
You are lovely.
Have a good day

Hello, sister Tino,
It is my pleasure to honor every Encourager on World Pulse. I personally am appreciative to each one who left supportive comments here. I was one of those who became empowered because of encouragers.

Thank you for your kind words. So are you! Have a great day, sister!

Marie Abanga
Jun 10
Jun 10


It is my pleasure, unstoppable MAG! Keep up the great work!

Jun 10
Jun 10

Iam listening Georgeous.
Let one love keep us together
Love you sister.

Thank you for listening, dear Chioma. You have no idea how much you impact women's lives because you log on and lift up!

Jun 12
Jun 12

Thank you so much Georgeous .

Evelyn Chioma Joseph

This is a wake-up call for all parents. We must adapt and shift and learn a better way of parenting in this new generation. Thank you, Karen, you are amazing.

That is true, dear Evelyn. I myself am reminded daily to listen to my children instead of telling them to stop crying.

It's my pleasure, dear. You are amazing, too!

Woooow... This is amazing Karen.
I have been very very occupied with activities and I lost my father just few days after my wedding in March so it wasn't an easy period for me. But after reading this, it reminded me that the little I do as an encourager matters. It reminded me that I have a mission. I reminded me that just one word could change a generation. Thank you so much Karen for reigniting my role and now I am back to encouraging and participate in Changing the world .
Thank you Karen

Hello, beloved Jap,

Oh, no. I'm so sorry for your loss. That must really be hard, especially after your wedding and this pandemic. What a strong and resilient woman you are. Thank you for sharing.

If you need to process your grief, please write about it on World Pulse so we can encourage you, too.

Oh, how lovely to hear you are back to encourage! You are called to do so. Embrace that calling, dear! Let us build an army of encouraged together.

Congratulations on your wedding! Please update us about your life.

My pleasure, dear.

thank you so much karen. Hugs to you

Tumanjong Miranda
Jun 11
Jun 11

I am u able to hold my tears right now. When I read this, I remembered the days when I will be hurt, but conceal my tears till I am all a lone and cry out. That used to be a burden to me. As days went by, i learnt to express my emotions regardless of who or where I was.

Thank you so much Karen for these kind words. They encourage me to be a better encourager.
Yes and together armed linked, we are joining the revolution.

Hello, dear Miranda,

Hugs to you, dear sister. The best encouraged are those who experienced pain. They know what words to say because they've been there. You've been there.

Be who you needed when you were alone, in pain, and seeking encouragement. Yes! Together, let us use the power of encouragement to change the world!

Sinyuy Geraldine
Jun 11
Jun 11

Waoo dear Karen. How I feel worthy too because I am one of those encouragers and I know what it costs me as a mother, worker, using only my phone, my poor internet, sometimes no battery in phone due to power failure as I am experiencing for the past 4 days now. Yet, I encourage, because I know a sister needs a comment on her story. Thank you so much for encouraging us. We encourage so others can be heard. You too are a great encourager and so are many. Let us take up arms and continue the battle. Fight the battle so that everyone woman has a chance to be listened to.

Hello, Geraldine,

Of course, you are worthy! I have so much respect on sisters like you who are experiencing what you:be enumerated but still show up and uplift women. What a rare gem you are, dear. We are blessed to call you our sister.

It is my pleasure to encourage the encouraged, dear. I hope you feel seen, heard, and valued as an Encourager, too. Keep up the great work! Yes, let us continue to listen and move forward together!

Mahima Rathore
Jun 11
Jun 11

Hi karen
You touched every women 's emotions .while reading this my tears rolling down unable to control. You made me remember my struggle when i was in depression for 9 years. Maine hindrance in sucess of our community women is male dominionism and ego. Why women are not allow to work on their own condition. We are doing multipal jobs still treated as we have commited a crime.
But we will encourage each other.
Because we can understand struggle of our sisters. ❤

Hello, Mahima,

Hugs to you. I was moved to tears while writing this piece as I remember each and every Encourager who face her own challenges and yet choose to uplift women. How admirable is that!

Depression for 9 years. That's tough, dear sister. I know what it's like. Please write about it. Are you still experiencing it? Writing helped me a lot.

I hear you, dear sister. Yes, let us encourage one another. Always!

Jun 11
Jun 11

Wow! Wow! This is just so powerful and right on time. I feel encouraged. Thank you dear Karen.

Hello, Millie dear,

Thank you for your kind words. It is truly my desire that each and every Encourager knows she is valued and appreciated,too. My pleasure, dear sister!

Adriana Greenblatt
Jun 11
Jun 11

Karen, thank you so so much for this, and for sharing this unbelievable gift for helping women feel "seen." I have learned through World Pulse and encouragers like you that one can be healing, and helping, in fact as you heal yourself you heal others. As I heal myself I heal you, my amazing sister and woman in the arena. Your call to really listen is crucial now, and your writing is exemplifying just how to do that for others!

Massive hugs to you for being you Karen!

Hello, dear Adriana,

Thank you for being a steady voice of encouragement to me. I appreciate you. That is true about healing. We can be truly healed when we use what happened to us to help others heal.

These are tough times and we need to listen to each other. Hugs from the Philippines! Thanks for being you, Adriana, fellow woman in the Arena! Wow. It rhymes.

Jun 11
Jun 11

Wow Karen!

This is amazing. Thank you very much for your heartfelt, well-thought out, well-articulated, topical words of encouragemen and empowerement.

They are highly appreciated because you recognize the contribution and value of encouragers, first and foremost, you are one of those encouragers who totally are committed to the mission of World Pulse.

World Pulse is lucky to have you and we need more of your likes.

I learned long ago that words have power to build or to destroy a woman's soul.
Your words are extremely constructive and inspiring and they have touched and moved us encouragers to emulate you!

We love you dear sister and wish all the best. Thank you once again.

Hello, sister Kabahenda,

Thank you for your words of encouragement! I appreciate your commitment to encourage. You write sincere and heartfelt comments on World Pulse. World Pulse is blessed to have you, too, dear. It would not be the same without you.

Oh, thank you. I wrote from my heart while thinking about the encouraged here. We're all in this together, dear sister! You write encouragement only you can do. So please keep them coming!

I love you all, too!

Jun 15
Jun 15

You are very kind and welcome Karen.

I thought about you and your country this morning when I read about the female journalist who has been sentenced to jail for many years because she dared to speak the truth!

I am sure that she has the prayers and encouragement of women on this forum who know about her plight.

I salute you dear sister. All thee best.

Julie Desai
Jun 12
Jun 12

It’s so so true. Love reading it

Thank you, dear Julie. :)

Jun 12
Jun 12

Hello Karen,
you said it all, I am not a writer but once in a while I try to jot down my thoughts and how I personally feel about a certain situations. I decided to join world pulse a year ago, but it didn't take me until last month to share my very first story on world pulse. i went through some members stories, i saw creativity i saw content, reading every peace of story made me feel like i was listening to some Ted talks. So coming back to my attempt of writing a story to the world...… ah ah Bakhita you can't. No body is gonna read and appreciate your finger prints on a keyboard. But little did i know that we had encouragers among us …...you have no idea what your words meant to me going through all your commends …….imagine my voice being heard overseas, how encouraging is that?
so yeah you people are our strength! Thank you for being there.

Hello, dear Bakhita,

I am encouraged by your comment. The tip I can give you as a storyteller is to write from you heart, and you can never go wrong.

I'm happy to know you feel valued and heard when you write your stories. Please join us! So you can own an Encourager badge. I observe that you are a natural Encourager. Please click this link: https://www.worldpulse.com/world-pulse-leaders/encouragers#:~:text=World....

You're welcome!

Shirin Dalaki
Jun 12
Jun 12

Dear Karen,
As I am reading your post I feel the power in your words and the passion in your soul to uplift and inspire and frankly, you do this with every post you write and every encouraging words that you send out to our storytellers so I like to thank you for being you and shining light on this world we are living. Words have power and we as encouragers have the power to be cycle breakers because honestly as Oprah said it well, "Most everybody wants to be heard and seen". Thank You.

Awww. Thank you, dear Shirin. You have the same gift as well. Your words always bring comfort and love. Keep up the great work as an Encourager. I appreciate you.

I love that quote from Oprah. My pleasure, sister.

Shirin Dalaki
Jun 21
Jun 21

Dear Karen,

Thank you for saying that, I appreciate you.

Thelma obani 2020
Jun 12
Jun 12

Positive vibes dear.. thanks for sharing

Thank you, love. You're welcome!

soul on fire
Jun 12
Jun 12

I'm feeling so strong and I am crying at the same time (haha). Often we are expected to suppress our sadness. I feel so connected to what you wrote here. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart ❤️

What a connection, dear sister. My tears were falling when I wrote that. Thank you for appreciating.

I'm grateful for you, sister. Keep up the great work. You're welcome.

Catherine De Freitas

My beautiful sis, this touched my heart so. So beautiful. I felt every word. I appreciate you. You are so special to the world. Love and blessings.

Hello, sis Catherine, awwww. thank you for your kind words. I hope you feel appreciated as an Encourager. You are special, too.

Love and blessings!

Busayo Obisakin
Jun 13
Jun 13

WAO! What a wonderful and inspiring post! Our would have so good to live in if only we can listen. This anthem we continue to raise.
Thank you Karen!

I honor your commitment as an Encourager, dear sis Busayo. Thank you for choosing to care and encourage even in the midst of challenges. May God return in hundred folds what you've given.

You're welcome!

Busayo Obisakin
Jun 18
Jun 18

Amen my Sister and you too! You are far far a wonderful encourager than me Karen. Thank you for a great job you are doing as an encourager here,
Warmest Love

Chinyere Kalu
Jun 13
Jun 13

Woah ! This is so kind of you Karen to remember the Encouragers. Sometimes I feel so exhausted but trudge on because someone somewhere has to feel heard.
Am further encouraged to do more.

Hello, Chinyere,

Thank you, dear. So true. Encouraging may look easy, but it's not, especially when we are facing personal challenges. That's why I honor you all for your commitment to care. I'm glad you feel motivated to encourage more. Keep up the great work, sister!

Tamarack Verrall
Jun 13
Jun 13

Dear Karen,
What a lovely tribute. It feels empowering to be so encouraged as an Encourager. When I first learned about the Encourager role, it felt like a huge invitation to really be part of World Pulse, on the inside, in communication with everyone we respond to. It has become an opportunity to send love, respect, support and to feel that support and validation back. Your description of the many ways you have felt the power of the encouraging that happens here is such a validation of what we hope to be offering each other.
Deep love in sisterhood, Sis Encourager extraordinaire,

Hello, Tam,

Awwww. Thank you, sister. I'm glad you like it. We are so grateful for your commitment to uplift our sisters on World Pulse. We appreciate you, Tam. Keep it up!

Have a great day!

Kika Katchunga
Jun 15
Jun 15

Hello karen
it's great my sister; the article is very inspiring is very touching; you have my full support; thank you for sharing

Thank you, darling Kika! That post is my appreciation for you and the rest of the encouragers.

Please stay safe and learn all you can. God bless!

Njemo Naomi Mabuh
Jun 17
Jun 17

Thank you Karen for taking out time to spread such a beautiful message ❤️. The words are inspiring to the soul. Let's keep encouraging

You're welcome, Naomi. I hope you feel appreciated as an Encourager. Keep up the great work.

Jun 18
Jun 18

Hi Kaye,
Yay... thank u for sharing this to us and makes me have inspiration to give all woman out there more encouragement. So touching the message.

Take care kaye, hugs!

You're welcome, Jack. I appreciate your commitment as an Encourager.

Take care if yourself always.

Jun 19
Jun 19

Hello Karen,
Very wise statements. Thank you.
Have a good weekend.

Hello, Tomasa,

Thank you for your kind words! Have a great second half of 2020!

Jessica Robinson
Jun 20
Jun 20

Dear Karen, all I can say is yes, yes, yes to all of this!
So love it and love your voice.

Much love

Hello, Jessica,

Awww. So nice of you to read my post. Thank you so much for your affirmation and support. I appreciate you!

Sowmya Swaminathan
Jun 28
Jun 28

Dearest Karen,

Thank you for this affirming story! Reading it gave me goosebumps simply because you said things that everyone thinks about, but rarely shares.
"It may seem that leaving kind words is not a big deal, but the truth is you are partakers of this collective healing and transformative journey of women. You are warriors in the battlefield, too, because you are cycle breakers."
This truly resonates with me, because despite being a writer - I have sat for hours and hours, and wondered if writing makes any difference at all. Today, I really do feel seen and heard.
I cannot thank you enough for your love, leadership and compassion!


Hello, darling, Sowmya,

It is my pleasure to write a post dedicated to encouragers. Thank you so much for your appreciation. I'm glad you felt seen and heard. Please keep writing, dear
You have the gift! Looking forward to reading your future posts. Hugs!

Sowmya Swaminathan
Jun 29
Jun 29

Thank you so much, Karen! :)

The pleasure is mine, sis. :)

Qurratulayn Khan
Jul 01
Jul 01

Hello Karen,
I agree with you about; We see you, too. We feel your presence. We appreciate you. We are grateful for your courage, compassion, and commitment, and soon Let us build an army of encourager and, together, let us witness how women transform the world, because together we stand :)

Hello, Qurratulayn,

Awww. You're so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, together, let's build a kinder world. Thank you for the encouragement. Love and hugs!

Tola Makinde
Jul 03
Jul 03

My dear Karen,
This post made me smile. Well thought out. You’re special, thoughtful and inspiring. Positive vibes from you and I love to always read from you.
Hope you’re well?

Hello, Tola,

I'm happy that this post mafr you smile. Thank you for yoir uplifting words. You're special, thoughtful, and inspiring, too.

By God's grace, all is well, dear. I hope you are doing well, too.

Jul 08
Jul 08

Needed this ❤️

Welcome to World Pulse, dear Pauline! It's great to know a new voice from our beloved country is rising up!

Hugs to you! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Please reach out to me if your have questions. :)

J Brenda Lanyero
Jul 12
Jul 12

This is really great Karen. Thank you so much.

Even encouragers need encouragement, dear. You're welcome!

Jul 31
Jul 31

I am shacking in remembrance of who I am... Reading this post is like an awakening for me. An awakening from a nap a subconsciously decided to take as a break from the reality of how resilient and courages I can be amidst the chaos of the many things I juggle on the daily. Thank you for this.

You are beautiful.
Your voice is beautiful!!!

Hello, Prozoe,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm happy you're here. Thank you for reading my post. I'm glad you had an awakening. Yes, you are Courageous and Resilient.

I look forward to reading your stories. Please start sharing your story.

Thank you for your kind words.