Encourager Party: Celebrating Encouragers!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted August 4, 2020 from Philippines
Screenshot of July 2020's Encourager Party by Manasa

"Be encouraged to be an encourager. It's a spiritual art that everyone can learn. And mostly you learn by practicing it.” - Jill Briscoe

World Pulse held its second Encourager Party on July 31, 2020. We are happy to see new faces!

Early birds, those who joined before virtual meeting began, had a lovely moment to chat with one another. It's a joy to meet fellow Encouragers because it's like a virtual reunion!

Dawn Arteaga, World Pulse Director of Community Engagement, welcomed everyone. She shared about the Encourager Program and its vision, together with this quote from LuxG's post.

"I realized I wasn't alone and I turned to Worldpulse and shared my story with women, who went out of their way to bring me comfort and to empathize with me. They made me feel heard, understood and loved, more than my kin did."

Manasa Raj, World Pulse Community Engagement Coordinator, helped with the technical preparations, presentation, and music!

I shared a quick recap on June's Encourager Tips, then added two more:

Tip 1: Mentions Specifics Tip 2: Be Enthusiastic about Future Posts

Dawn added bonus tip: give special love to first time Storytellers. She also showed how to use World Pulse's Translation Option for posts written in other languages.

World Pulse acknowledges that there are members who couldn't speak English. Using the translation tool is our way of helping non-English speakers to feel heard. It's not a perfect translation, but this is how we can meet halfway. Language should not be a hindrance in writing our stories.

After the sharing of tips, we all watched a short video clip about Empathy. One of the essence of the World Pulse Spirit is listening with empathy and without judgment. Encouragers loved the video!

After the watch party, Dawn joyfully announced the three Featured Encouragers! It was a delightful time as Encouragers clapped, congratulated, and cheered on Chioma (Nigeria), Regina (Cameroon),  and Catherine (Trinidad and Tobago).

Each month the World Pulse Encouragement Team will choose three Encouragers from different countries who went above and beyond in writing uplifting comments. 

Manasa then read a quote written by Millynairi's post about Encouragement. Milly was there to speak about how the impact of encouragers empowered her to help communities and even become a better writer.

Then it was PARTY TIME!

Dawn set the timer for 15 minutes for everyone to visit the World Pulse site and find stories to read and comment on. After that, the World Pulse Team, along with Ana Lozano, moderated Break Out Sessions where Encouragers shared what stories touched them. It's the Encouragers time to be heard.

The conclusion of the majority is that time was so short. Truly, an hour is not enough to have a party. It was time to say, "See you next month!".

Being with Encouragers is a source of encouragement. I wish I could also share the lovely conversation taking place on the chatbox and the breakout sessions. But I want you to experience those yourself because they're beyond words. I could say I always leave these meetings in high spirits.

World Pulse holds Encourager Parties every last Friday of the month every 3PM GMT.  Please mark your calendars now to JOIN US! You and your network don't have to be Encouragers to join. Kindly check your email from World Pulse for more updates!

Hope to see you on August 28, 2020! Invite your friends, too!  

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Aug 04
Aug 04

Thank you for sharing Sister.

Hello, dear Chi,

How are you? We missed you once again. Hope you can join us this August. Have a great day!

Aug 04
Aug 04

I joined the party for the first time as a new member in July. It was one of those days I was feeling really low. I'm so glad I cleared my calendar for that party because it was great to bond with sisters from all over the world.

Time passed by quickly. Nonetheless, I gained a lot. Mentioning specifics when encouraging one another, for example, was one of the tips I learnt which I immediately began to apply, even outside the sisterhood. Additionally, the story which I chose to discuss as the one which touched me has excitingly led me to explore virtual volunteering further.

Our party time was truly rewarding. By the end, I felt high enough to take my next strides! If you missed the party last month, you don't want to miss that of August, do you? Go ahead to block your calendar now!!! :)

Hello, Emi’,

It was so great to see you online. I could see you were really happy. What was it that made you feel low, dear? Care to share?

I’m glad that the party left you in high spirit. I love this feedback from you. Welcome to World Pulse! Please write more.

See you on the next party. Please invite your friends. Bring chips! Haha.

Aug 05
Aug 05

Yeap, Karen. I've invited a few ladies to join me on World Pulse already. Thanks for your encouragement. See you at the next party dv.

Wow! You’re amazing! See you, dear.

Aug 05
Aug 05

So are you too. Thank you. :)

Busayo Obisakin
Aug 04
Aug 04

I am seriously encouraged Karen, it was an awesome time together. Thank you!

Hello, sis Busayo, I’m happy to know that! It personally encouraged as well. You’re welcome. Thanks for joining, too!

See you again this August!

Jill Langhus
Aug 05
Aug 05

Hello Dear Kaye,

I felt honored to be a part of such an inspiring, loving and trailblazing group, albeit short... can't wait for the next time:-)

Thanks for the lovely synopsis and photo... which seems to be featuring me and my fan...ha:-)

Hope you have a good, safe rest of the week, dear!


I was so happy to see you, Jill. Yes, the fashionable you and your fan.

See you next week, our Encourager Guro. Hope you can be one of the early birds so we can have a chat with the rest. They’ll be having to see you!

Jill Langhus
Aug 07
Aug 07

Aw. You're so sweet!

Ha. Thanks!

Yes, that would be nice:-) Looking forward to reconvening with my family:-)

Nini Mappo
Aug 05
Aug 05

Thank you Karen for the party report. And well done encouragers. You are like the heartbeat that keeps the stories and this place nourished with life.
Keep going.

Awww. Thank you, Nini! Your presence on this community is such a blessing, dear. You help nourish the stories with your comments that only you can write, dear. We value and appreciate you!

Aug 05
Aug 05

Thanks for sharing to some of us whose busy schedule are so tight and like me I totally forgot. So nice to read from encouragers.

Hello, dear Chidimma, we missed you! I understand, dear. It would be lovely to see you next party!

Aug 06
Aug 06

Dear Karen,
It was my first time to attend the encouragers' party and I wouldn't want to miss any in future. We indeed had a good time, seeing each other and the presentation was excellent. From the presentation I now understand how best to encourage. The party time in small groups was also perfectly planned and I also enjoyed the time we had in a smaller group, sharing the stories we had read when we were given some minutes to read stories and share with the team. I am just so glad I attended this party.

Hello, dear Milly,

I was so happy to see you! I’m delighted to know you had a good time.

Thank you for the feedback, love. We’ll keep the tips sharing short so there are more time for sharing among encouragers!

See you again soon! Please stay safe.