Thriving Thursday: Self-Care Is Mindfulness of Our Well-Being

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted August 16, 2020 from Philippines

"Self-care is how you take your power back."- Lalah Delia

Every Thursday, World Pulse Ambassadors meet online to check in with each other. It is a welcome break from the realities that are happening in the world. It is a time where we learn from our sisters who sign up as Trainers. 

In each meeting, there are roles Ambassadors can choose from:   The Master of Ceremonies (MC) who keeps the flow going and engaging; the Executive Producer who ensures tech works smoothly; and the Transcriber/Translators who type/translate the whole process in the chatbox. 

On the recent Thriving Thursday, our MC was Paulina Lawsin-Nayra. To up the ante of our Circle Time, she asked the Ambassadors to sing "the song in your heart". 

It was a joyous time to listen to songs with powerful messages and in foreign language. There were those who sang their own compositions. It was a delightful activity to get to know one another through music.

Our Trainer was Anjana Vaidya. Her topic was Self-Care During the Pandemic.

Anjana shared that Self-Care is more than treating yourself, but an ongoing process of being human. It's living purposely and consciously.We need to "Nourish to Flourish". 

Self-Care is paying attention to our emotional, physical, social and societal well-being. 

Anjana demonstrated to us how we must take time to taste the water, not just drink it in a hurry. It's drinking sensibly. 

She shared about mindful eating, not rushing to finish the food, but to reflect where the food came from: how long it took to produce it, how far it travelled to reach the market to our kitchen. When we think that way, it makes us value what we eat. 

"Drink your food, eat your water", that is a gentle reminder from Anjana's daughter.

Anjana reminded us to be mindful of our posture. If we work from home during the pandemic, we sit a lot. We need to get up once and a while to stretch. We must also practice to blink our eyes when we stare at the computer for a long time. She shared we need to develop an exercise routine because our body is created to be active. 

On emotional well-being, she talked about the importance of expressing ourselves. If no one is there to listen to us, we can write them down. Better yet, she suggested to write it on World Pulse to receive encouragement and support.

More ways to practice self-care are asking for help, doing something we enjoy, reflecting on our good qualities, and being around happy people.

Anjana introduced the term Compassion Fatigue. It is feeling physical, emotional and spiritual distress in providing care for others.

She said most of us are activists and social workers, we hear about people facing difficult situations that can make us feel exhausted. Sometimes we feel hopelessness because we can't solve all their problems. When we feel the symptoms of compassion fatigue, then it's a sign to take care of ourselves. We must learn to set boundaries.

It was such an enlightening presentation about self-care. Part of the discussion was as women we care for our families and other people, but we don't know how to ask for help. Also, women are seldom asked if we need help. 

As women, the demands of juggling our roles are high, but we need to rest and relax, too. Self-care is not selfish. It's necessary.

Those who join Thriving Thursdays know that this is a time well-spent. Every week our bond grow stronger that meeting every Thursday is our form of self-care.

We hope that the rest of the World Pulse Ambassadors can join every week. We would be happy to connect with you because "Together we thrive"

Kudos to Ate Pauline for being a fun and engaging MC, Anjana for the soulful topic, Tam and Manasa for translating French and Hindi!

P.S. This coming Thriving Thursday (August 20, 2020), I will be sharing about Tips on Writing Project Proposals. 


This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Digital Ambassadors.

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Aug 17
Aug 17

Merci de nous avoir partagé

You're welcome, dear.

Jill Langhus
Aug 17
Aug 17

Hello Kaye,

How are you doing? Thanks for the latest, and greatest, Thriving Thursday synopsis. Sounds like another good one... wow, songs and everything:-) I love the term "compassion fatigue." I definitely suffer from this one and need to continue to work on setting even stronger boundaries. I still find it difficult to say no, or even offering up help, when I don't have the resources. Thanks for the reminder.

Hope you and your family are safe and well, and having a good week!


Hello, JLo,

All is well. Thanks for asking! Yes, it's one of the most memorable Thriving Thursday.

It's my first to learn about "Compassion Fatigue". It's a better term for "burn out" or "depression".

It's common among us who keep extending ourselves to help others. I, too, experience that a lot.

Yes, we need tools that works for us. It's not one-size-fits all. Thanks for reading!

Jill Langhus
Aug 19
Aug 19

Hello there:-)

Great to hear, and you're welcome! It sounds like it. Yes, on the term. It seems more specific, and descriptive, too.

I think you're right! Aw:-( Hugs.

I agree on tools and not one-size-fits all, too.

You're welcome.

Catherine De Freitas

Hi Sis, How are you and your loved ones? Thanks for sharing. Self-Care is paying attention to our emotional, physical, social and societal well-being. This is vital. I practice the things mentioned and it certainly helps and makes such a difference. Sometimes we do forget because we focus on caring for others. The session sounded wonderful :). Looking forward to hearing about the next. Love and blessings.

Hello, dear,

All is well. It's rainy season here so we mostly have network problem. Thanks for asking!

It's great to know you practice self-care. I'm still trying to develop self-care habits.

Yes, women usually forget about ourselves and feel guilty to prioritize self.

Thank you for reading!

Catherine De Freitas

Hi dear,
I enjoy reading all your stories and I am happy to hear that all is well. Yes, I understand about the weather. It is the same where I am. I am also encountering network issues. Do continue to try. Lots of love. :)

Catherine De Freitas

Hi dear,
I enjoy reading all your stories and I am happy to hear that all is well. Yes, I understand about the weather. It is the same where I am. I am also encountering network issues. Do continue to try. Lots of love. :)

Thank you, love. Please stay safe. I appreciate you for encouraging our sisters despite the network challenges. You are a gem. :)

Yes, everyday! Love to you, too!

Catherine De Freitas

Awwwww, Thank you sis. :) My sisters are always in my heart. Do have a nice weekend. :)

You're welcome, dear sister. I hope you join us at the Encourager Party this Friday (August 28).

Catherine De Freitas

Hi Dear, I would really try to stay up :)))) See you then hopefully.

Aug 18
Aug 18

Oh I can totally relate. With 3 girls and a home to run and countless of other things and people I think of and do for in a single day, I get completely empty. So I put up my feet and I just do me. !!! I would love to join in a session sometime. Always such a blessing sharing space with mindful and edifying people, who remind you to breathe.

Thanks for sharing Karen.

Hello, Prozoe,

Wow, three girls! What a lively environment you have. I understand, dear. I only have two sons, and it's a daily challenge for me. Motherhood is tough!

Yes, like Anjana said being around happy people is a self-care.

Thanks for reading!

Aug 19
Aug 19

Wow what a treat!
such sessions must be a great fun and learning too.
Covid has enabled us to think and care of our own which is often neglected in everyday struggles.

Hello, SADRAG,

Yes, they are! That’s an insightful thought right there. We need to practice a lot of self-care. Please stay safe.

Manasa Ram Raj
Aug 19
Aug 19

Yaay, Karen! So well captured. I felt like I relived our call as I read through your post.

Thank you for being so amazing. Lots and lots of love!

Thank you, Magnificent Manasa! You are amazing, too. I like seeing you online, beautiful. You give so much positivity during calls!

Sep 07
Sep 07

Oh my dearest Karen, thank you so much for this nice record. what a cute gesture to remind ourselves.
sending you lots of love and hugs, Anjana

You're welcome, dear Anjana! That's part of the EP's role. :) It's an honor to document a memorable Thriving Thursday when we all sang and we learned about self-care. Great job, dear! Sending you hugs back!