The Encourager Party IWD Edition: Unleash A Global Wave of Encouragement!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Posted March 6, 2021 from Philippines

"Can you hear me?"

"Can you see me?"

The “Stay At Home’ protocols during this pandemic shifts our physical meetings to the virtual world.  Whenever I join Zoom meetings and webinars, I usually hear these questions when someone faces technical issues,  “Can you hear me? Can you see me?”  Or “Do you hear me? Do you see me?”

Hearing these questions makes me reflect on the millions of women today who are SILENTLY asking the same. We know that COVID-19 aggravates pre-existing inequalities, and those who suffer most belong to vulnerable groups which include women and girls. We know that there is an increasingly alarming rate of gender-based violence. Mental health issues are also on the rise.

These women are asking,” Do you hear our cry? Can you see our suffering? Can you feel our pain?” They are looking for someone who will hold a safe space and say, " I'm listening". 

A few years ago, one woman listened.

She stepped up to create a platform where the voices of women around the world are heard. Her name is Jensine Larsen, and World Pulse was born. In her leadership, she cultivated a culture of listening. Today, women leaders who log on and rise up became listeners like her. We now call them encouragers.

Year after year, women are stepping up to become trailblazers and changemakers because they felt heard and seen. Year after year, women leaders are seeking shelter in World Pulse because they know someone is listening. Not only that, they know they will be encouraged and uplifted as well.

Imagine a world where women all across the world will feel heard and seen. That could mean their ideas, visions, dreams, and strategies will come to life creating solutions to the world. It took one woman to give birth or World Pulse, and it is because people around her encouraged her and cheered for her.

One woman thought about World Pulse. The result? Ripples of Impact across the globe.

The world is waiting for the fulfillment of another woman's idea or vision. But she needs your encouragement to make this happen. 

The year 2020 set women back, but the vision and ideas remain burning deep inside us. Women need listeners and encouragers to realize these dreams.

On International Women's Day, join us to celebrate women and girls!  Together, let us unleash a global wave of encouragement for storytellers speaking out on #HerStoryMakesHistory. Register to attend World Pulse Encourager Party IWD Edition:

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Jill Langhus
Mar 06
Mar 06

Hi Lovely Kaye,

I can't wait for the World Pulse IWD, Encourager Party event!! Happy IWD to you!! You rock!


Tamarack Verrall
Mar 06
Mar 06

Dear Karen,
It is so true that listening to each other, and being listened to and heard, is what creates such strength, reconfirming through each other, the importance of what we are all doing, reflecting back to us trust in ourselves as we speak out and act in a world that is set to discourage us, if not stop us. Encouraging on World Pulse shifts us all forward. Yes! Let's send a giant wave of encouragement to the storytellers.