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About Me

I am a writer and a mother with a love of travel, a passion for global women's issues, and a fierce desire to do something in furtherance of social justice, equality, and empowerment for all.

My 16 year old son, who is a film-maker in training, and I are going to embark on an adventure this September (2012) to visit a micro-credit organization, Jamii Bora, in Nairobi, Kenya to film and interview. We are looking for a 2nd project, organization, or community to spend time with somewhere in Africa, preferably in a country that is close to Kenya. We hope to have a heart and mind opening experience, to make connections for future opportunities to be everyday activities working towards creating more equality, sustainability, abundance, and opportunities for all. The trip may produce a documentary film, a series of articles, a book, and/or clarity about how to effectively engage, express and offer gifts and talents in global community. writing, literature, travel, adventure, women's issues, parenting, spiritual inquiry, physical fitness, cooking Resources to fund my passions. Sometimes, my own lack of vision and courage. Writing, editing, administration and organization, finances, envisioning and following through, adventuring

My Vision

A world where women and girls (and all people) everywhere are free to express their full potential.