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About Me

In January 2001, i followed my passion of using ICT to increase motivation and participation of young girls and women and co-founded GYSA a community based organisation that empowers young girls and boys using sports as a mobilization tool. I have worked extra hard over the years to compete and outshine my male colleagues in STEM both as a young girl and as a teacher at Alliance Girls high school where i encountered many challenges faced by young girls which posed a challenge for their completion of schooling. Interactions with community members around Kiambu and Embu where i was a maths tutor at a teachers college revealed many negative vices such as early marriage, drugs and substance abuse, alcoholism, illegal groupings and many other negative vices that youth are vulnerable to posing danger and increasing school drop out rate. I work with a group of volunteers with whom i shared my passion and they joined in full blast and we have have devoted our time and resources to volunteer support to the objectives of our programs. Our staff currently comprises of a team of 30 program staff and coaches/referees. During the sports tournaments, we facilitate capacity building sessions in livelihood skills, drugs and substance abuse, HIV/AIDs and career counselling and mentorship. Every year , we help over 2,000 young people ( among them not less than 800 young women and girls) to stay in school by keeping them busy and healthy.

My Vision

Due to the swelling numbers, we have developed an exit strategy for the 18 to 35 year olds , we are incorporating techno skills and entreprise development training to prepare them for the 21st century labour market environment.Our focus is to open a window of hope for their economic empowerment through access to education opportunities.

Connecting the young women in our program to World pulse after they complete school will open their horizon and transform them into agents of change and influence to their communities. My vision is to build a 21st century one stop shop professional Sports Academy where the best of the best will be housed and given professional training as well as go through the school system coupled with spiritual upbringing.

My dream is to support 1 million of these young women and girls who pass through our hands sign up and join the transforming sisterhood of the World pulse community.


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