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About Me

Progressive Nectar is your online DIY resource for Gluten-Free living.
A fresh approach to cooking from gluten-free foodies—
Real ideas & delicious flavors simplifying life.

So, if you are gluten-free for any reason or interested in going gluten-free,
you’re in the right place!

Progressive Nectar was started by two gluten-free sisters on a mission raising food allergy awareness in support of many people living with Celiac disease, parents caring for autistic children, gluten food allergy folks and all individuals simply making healthier food choices.

Like so many inspiring stories, Progressive Nectar’s roots begins with family. Karmel Ungerleider-Abrams and Devorah Ungerleider-Moore are sisters on a mission, raising food allergy awareness with gluten-free inspirational editorial content, chef-inspired menus, delicious recipes and super fun events!

With health and fitness in their blood, both ladies went Gluten-free about a year ago. It changed their lives for the better and their families too. After years of eating natural & organic, removing gluten from their diets changed everything—from personal weight loss to better behaving children to total over wellness.

During their individual life changing journeys, Karmel and Devorah spent countless hours searching for nutritional information & recipes on the web, reading food labels galore and had many trial and errors in the kitchen. There had to be an easier way! The ladies chatted with other gluten-free friends and all had similar experiences. A light-bulb went off—Foodies with families eating gluten-free needed time-saving recipes, help planning and one user-friendly resource to reference.

Whallah! Progressive Nectar was born. This website & blog offers a fresh approach to gluten-free cooking—Real ideas & delicious flavors simplifying life. The Goal? To inspire, inform and support the gluten-free community with quality content.

Whether you are Celiac, gluten-free for other health reasons or a wellness professional, you’re invited to join the movement, the community & the conversation!

We will soon have separate tabs for:

Paleo Snowboarding-The Great Outdoors-Cullinary Creations Finding the Time to be- Parent/Enjoy Outdoors/Work Full-Time/Start a New Company Culinary Creations/Business Management/Legal Support

My Vision

Every Woman to be able to support themselves and assist with their community