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About Me

My Name is Tabassum and I am the leader of the first ever women Jirga in the history of Pakistan.
Please find attached a presentation/pictorial profile of KHWENDO JIRGA - The Sisters Council .
We the women members of the Jirga would like to make a request to kindly provide an opportunity to these unsung heroes of the women Jirga an opportunity to learn from your prestigious organization and promote our work and let the world know about the great efforts that are made by these unsung heroes who are challenging the patriarchy of the Pashtun Society.
Tabassum has also been awarded the best Human Defenders Award 2013. Strive for Change Equality Human Rights

My Vision

My Vision:I envisions a progressive and sustainable society,wherein all women live peacefully and with dignity,enjoying social,political


my needs are to connect with the donors to spread my work for peace


i can make decissions same as the man jirga council can. and want and can make many more jirgas for peace .to demolishdispute before to cont


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