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About Me

I was born in a country where national language cannot be agreed upon. As language in itself is political in nature. Although most of us understand Filipino, the national language, there are instances that some regions in our country prefer to converse in English. Some families too discourage their children from learning the national language as English is "the" language spoken at home. It is understandable of course in a third world country like us as English is the "master's" language. My country is a class-conscious country, as the gap between the privileged and the under-privileged is widen by this fact. Am I class-conscious? Of course! I am conscious of the gap and I am trying, in my own way, to mediate. I am conscious that my country is falling apart. My birthday falls under the house of Libra, the scale, same birthday as Mahatma Gandhi. This may have affected my personality that's always in search of truth and justice, peace and leadership.

My Vision

A sustainable and just future.


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