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About Me

I have been familar with World Pulse since it first made its online appearance. I was excited to see an organization that focused on the needs of women worldwide. I am slow to the task. I am a trained journalist, now freelancer, as well as former human services worker. I think the two areas fit neatly together. I have also worked in US and international not-for-profit organizations. I am also a Christian who believes that demonstrating advocacy for women who suffer oppression in the world is more than just a wish. I have a lot to learn about the complicated systems in which women are born into. But through the information, resources and stories provided by World Pulse, I believe that I can learn and grow in my understanding as well as discover the best way that I can be advocate. Writing, reading, womens' dignity and respect, classical music, my Lord Jesus Christ, my family Learning about world issues concerning women and courage to write and speak truth. impact of sexual abuse on womens' self perception.

My Vision

Relevant writing that promotes positive change for women in the world.