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Katia Núñez
Posted May 10, 2017 from Mexico

Aspirational Assets – Your hopes and dreams (despite any barriers you face). My dream is to create a digital platform where women can find support through information about what violence is, how to prevent it, how to act if they ever suffer from it; I want a create a platform where women can feel safe to tell their story.

Familial Assets – The ways your family and close friends support you. My dad is always telling me that I have the strength to change the world, my friends are very supportive reading my ideas and giving me their points of view.

Social Assets – Networks and community resources you use. I use Vital Voices Mx to learn how to connect with women, what interest them, what makes them “click”.

Navigational Assets – People who have helped you navigate through school, relationships, work, and life. My boss, Luz María. My best friend, Alejandra. My dad, Alejandro. My boyfriend, Francisco.

Safety and Security Assets – People or places that make you feel safe and help you take care of yourself. I feel safe in my house with my dog.

Resistance Assets – Ways you overcame obstacles or challenged the status quo in the past. I was always told that is very difficult that a girl can succeed or even be taken seriously as an advisor in politics, and yet here I am, working for the biggest party in Congress, teaching courses about digital communications and advising a Senator that is in charge of one of the most important election this year.

Innate Assets – Your talents, abilities, and unique story. I can relate to people easily, I can know what makes them “click” almost immediately, I am very good at writing stories that people want to read and I have made it my goal to help women, to let them know that they are not alone, that they don’t deserve to live in danger and scared, I want every women to have an opportunity to know her worth.

Material Assets – Material assets available to you to help you achieve your goals. This might be money available to you, or it could be access to a home you can live in, or a place to work, or access to materials needed to make the change you envision. Because I work at Congress I have access to a lot of materials, such as essays, papers, books, studies and initiatives of laws that I can use to fill in the blanks and help women where they need it the most.

Communication Assets –What skills in communicating with others are unique to you? How can you use these skills to make the change you envision? I am good in synthetizing text, for example, if a paper about how to prevent gender violence is 10 pages long and boring, I can make it in one without losing the central idea and make it appealing so that everyone would be interested in reading it.

Digital Assets – Access to technology, whether through a café, a computer at school, or your own mobile device. I have access to technology every second, my iPhone is my best friend.

Educational Assets – Education and training that you use and build on. The technology things I learned in college, being an electronics engineer, and this course, that has taught me how to use my digital skills and transform them into tools that can make my vision a reality.

Professional/Community Assets – Professional or community experience and know-how that you bring to any new situation. Personal Wisdom – The wisdom of experience that you bring to any new situation. Wisdom that comes directly out of your life experiences and is unique to your background. Having created social media campaigns before to prevent violence has really helped me to know what I must do to make them successful and having heard so many stories of women that I know who suffer every single day has given me the drive to fight for them and for all of us.

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Elizabeth Jameson
May 10, 2017
May 10, 2017


I love how you are involved in politics. Trying to make the world a better, safer place through legislation. Publicizing stories is a huge part of that...

This Resource Map is so comprehensive. I'm curious to know how you use it. I'd love to learn more. What I love most is how you are giving us all space to tell our stories, and the fact that you are fighting for us all.


May 10, 2017
May 10, 2017

Dear Katia,

What a deep map of resources. It will be exciting to watch your journey continue and watch how far your communication and innate assets will carry you!   Very best wishes and please keep sharing your stories here.