Present Role of Bangladesh Women

K C Milan
Posted July 20, 2016 from Bangladesh
Educating themselves

In the early days after the country being freed from the then Pakistan almost 46 year ago women were ignored in this respect that they should given education. It happened as the women were considered worthless and illegible to contribute or play role anyway in any sector of the society or the country. This is why women were rarely seen in any office or institution. It was beyond imagination that the women would go to market place to buy their clothes of their own choice. Their choice was the choice of their husband or male partners. Their main responsibility was to give birth and raise children and take care of household works. It can be said that women were fully dependent in an independent country. Reason behind all these was unawareness of both men and women. But with the space of time color of the picture started changing especially awareness started growing among men and women. Now men are happy and proud of their wives or daughters going out to have education in school, college or universities, doing different jobs in different offices, mills, factories, banks, schools, colleges and universities. Women are aware of their right and glad going out, having education and doing jobs. No doubt that the women feel satisfied in making their choice in shopping. By doing all these things they in fact are playing an important role to their house, society and the country. It is proven now that the more role women play the more development will be achieved.

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