Humanity of Akboria Grand Hotel

K C Milan
Posted September 9, 2016 from Bangladesh

To me humanity is nothing but serving human beings. It can be elaborated in a number of words. Again the meaning of humanity can be defined only in two sentences.

1. Humanity means forgetting our selfish interests at times when others need our help

2. Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on earth

For the good of total humankind and the earth humanity is a must necessary thing. But in practice exhibition of humanity is rare. Though rare but existed of course in few number. Humanity is seen happening in different places all over the world.

People can do this noble job of showing humanity in different ways as individual or as group or through organization and institution.

Akboria Grand Hotel situated at the heart of district town Bogra is one among such institutions have been doing this noble job of showing humanity for past several years.

( Watch video here: )

Akboria Grand Hotel is serving people everyday with delicious food and giving high standard accommodation in its residential sector. Its fast food productions are also highly commendable and praise worthy.

But special feature of this Grand Hotel is its job done with love and compassion for humankind that, without doubt, can be called humanity.

In showing humanity the Akboria Grand Hotel provides free foods for more than 100 people every night.

If someone walks by thana road where the hotel is located will see all the beggars of the city and hungry people including a number of children gather in line and wating.

At at 12 the hotel staffs will be seen coming out with big dishes to serve all these hungry people with fresh rice, vegetable and meat or fish.

I believe anyone after having a look of this picture will say to his/her mind this is really good job that must be done by all other affluent persons or organizations and institutions.

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