Attitude that takes ahead

K C Milan
Posted October 9, 2016 from Bangladesh
Srimangal Railway Station
In coming mail Train
In coming mail Train (1/1)

An opportunity that I took being separated myself from the team on tour to Madhobpur lake, Lawyachhara and BDR Camp for having seven layer tea. All these places are considered as tourist spots and located in Srimangal upazila of Moulavibazar district. BDR Camp was our last spot to visit for having seven layer tea. On the way or before getting into there I received a phone call from an unsaved number. The caller of that unsaved number was Probhat Roy. Probhat Roy is one of my close friends. We brought up in the same locality, studied in the same school. If I make a very short list of my close friends Probhat Roy must be there enlisted. After being separated for sake of job we regularly kept our contact by writing letter or over phone. From only about five years ago we have no contact or communication. A probable reason might be his transferable government job. However, first I was surprised to hear that he was in Srimangal and secondly he was also surprised to hear almost the same thing. The only a thin difference is he has been staying in Srimangal for past several months and as he does job he is going to stay for next several years. To its contrary, I came here for the second time from my organization as teacher and trainer and I should leave if count in 17 hours. When he heard about my short stay he told me to meet him and informed that he would wait in front of Pansi Hotel and Restaurant which is so popular that every rickshaw puller knows and can bring me there in few minutes. Once I drunk seven layer tea in my last trip and since then I decided not to drink anymore as it gave me no taste at all. This is the reason I told my team members about my apathy to drinking seven layer tea and also expressed my willingness to meet my friend. They bad me adieu for sometimes. Probably I took only ten minutes to meet my friend standing in front of Pansi Hotel and Restaurant. We took not more than five minutes in hotel as I expressed my inability to have anything else except tea only. We took a rickshaw and started roaming about Srimangal. Its a small town and rickshaw puller took 30-40 minutes to take us all around it. I discovered Srimangal as a piece of beauty having a different type of attraction for domestic and international tourists. Finally Probhat took me to Railway station the platform for hundreds and thousands of people to go to different destinations but the place for his work as assistant station master. He took me to his office room but to get there we had to suffer a lot. What do I mean by suffer is the station was full of hundreds and thousands of people. Making way to his office room pushing all these people aside was really hard. Finally we made our way to his office and soon he was being visited by a large number of people asking tickets with seats. But Probhat was in such a helpless situation without any option but expressing his inability and sending them back empty handed. At a certain point of time a group of three young women came with the same plea and my friend told them the same way expressing his inability. But they were insisting on getting tickets. Probhat might be without finding any alternative told them that he could give tickets but no seats. One of those women replied right away saying, "No problem, we can travel standing." I lift my eyes a bit high and cast towards them. They were young, beautiful and educated. But all these things do not carry any meaning always. The meaningful thing here was their attitude-'We can travel standing.' People can think different ways, consider a single thing in different perspectives. But in this case everyone must say the attitude was really attractive and positive. My friend issued tickets for them and they went back. Making roaring sound the train arrived in about 10 minutes and left the station after a brief halt for about 5 minutes. I checked my watch and told Probhat to let me leave. considering my urgency he bad me adieu. I came out of his office but before leaving the station I roamed abut it looking for those three young ladies. Still there was a large number of people in the station but among them I did not find those three ladies. It means they left. In practical situation it was harder even for male. But they did it though they were women. Reason was nothing but the attitude. Their attitude took them ahead.

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