Lavenda Awuor
Posted August 17, 2017 from Kenya

It has been 9 days since Kenya had its hotly contested election which has resulted in malpractices of presidential rigging leading to the brutal killing of innocent Kenyans of ages 6 months old and above in the name of gangsters, beating women and girls and raping them as well.

It is true that there's no safe position in life, Samantha 6 months was clobbered to death by the men in uniform at the midnight of 11th August 2017 when in all dreams she thought that she was in a safest position between mom and dad.

A Naomiwas shot by the police and will have to live with the bullet in her body for the rest of her lifebecause if it's removed she might end up being paralyzed permanently for things she's no clues at all.

Women and girls remained vulnerable in our society, therefore, I call upon members of world purse and other women networks to come out and condemn and petition Kenya Government in these hyena's act meted on women and girls.

Members let justice be done.

How to Get Involved

Petition and condemn Kenya government for its beast act towards children, girl child, and women.

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Jill Langhus
Aug 18, 2017
Aug 18, 2017

Hi Charles. Thanks for honest, but sad story about the state of the Kenyan government. Is there anything being done to stabilize the government? Are there any existing petitions to sign that is already creating a movement toward positive change?

Jessica Foumena
Aug 22, 2017
Aug 22, 2017

Dear Brother Charles,

This is indeed a vary painful story to read about the death of innocent babies. Thank you for sharing. I'm lost  of words.

Nicole reid
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 15, 2017

This is an issue where people in the community need to stand up and take action as government haven't seemed to notice. It stories like this that get people talking but talking is not enough it time for the good citizens to take action for there government good story